Today is globally celebrated as a day of love – love towards each other, family, friends and to everyone around you. The colour red is significant to romance, hence the red colour splashing around us this period. From the first day of February, the streets, shops and almost the whole town lights up with red roses, red teddy bears, red ribbons etc.; the whole city starts turning red. It is just a way to tell everyone that love is in the air.
So today, the boos and baes will definitely be out and about celebrating the season of love, but one thing is certain, you as the lady definitely need to look drop dead gorgeous in your outfit. Many ladies do not like to wear red on this special day as the whole town is already overdosed with red, but some others don’t mind; whichever category you belong to, I have factored you into this post. Few tips you need to know are:
  • Wear a dress that will make you look elegant and comfortable (because you are already beautiful)
  • Wear a heeled shoe or sandals to boost your poise, accentuate your legs and give you an assertive appearance
  • Wear minimal accessories (simplicity is the ultimate sophistication)
  • Carry a clutch bag to tuck in your phone and other little things ladies carry (you don’t want all your things scattered over the table)
  • Wear a smile – it completes your look


Below are two different style sets with plunge V-neck sleeveless that will be perfect for your romantic date.




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