Tales of A Nigerian Tailor (Part 10) – Madam sorry, I never even start to cut am

Tales of A Nigerian Tailor (Part 10) – Madam sorry, I never even start to cut am

So, I was going to surprise Lawyerman (the hubby). I asked a tailor to make me a short playsuit where my cheeks will be hanging at the back. The fabric was ‘sleeky’ and had a leopard printed on it so I told her to put yellow stones on the eyes so that the eyes will be sparkles for my baby at night (for my baby’s eyes only) in the ‘oza’ room (in Buha’s voice). In my mind, I could visualize the scenario – I will tell him that I want to use the bathroom, then I’ll wear my playsuit in there; put on some perfume, then go to the other room nonchalantly. I’ll drop some stuffs on the floor and bend down with my back to Lawyerman to pick them up. Kai! Lawyerman, o ma fe’e ku la le yen.

I went to the tailor’s yesterday to pick it up.

Where is the playsuit I asked. Then she dropped the clanger – “madam, ah… I did not know you were still interested o”. I did not hear from you na, I never even start to cut am sef.

If you saw how excited I was that day ehn? Designing this playsuit that I will use to tantalize my Lawyerman? I even told her to make one shoulder drop because my lawyerman likes to see one bra strap showing. Just one strap. Not the the two straps. Just one strap. So, after all that my excitement, she thought that I would not be interested? Is that how Naija tailors use to do???

So I wrote about the experience on Facebook; my friend who referred me to her saw my post on Facebook and asked her what-a -gwan? She confessed to my friend that she had been extremely busy and that she would get it ready for last week Wednesday. Apparently, my friend had a lot of fabrics with her and had paid her a deposit on the fabrics. I was to leave Lagos on Thursday and she promised that I would definitely take it back with me. In the meantime, well meaning friends who sew, inboxed me and promised me they would do the playsuit for me. FREE because they did not want me to disappoint Lawyerman. I told all of them not to worry, that the tailor will ‘tun omoluabi e se’ – repair her damaged reputation.

On Tuesday, my friend called this tailor to confirm that the playsuit would be ready for Wednesday. The yeye tailor said it would not be ready till Thursday. She knew I was leaving on Thursday o. Some tailors sha, how does one cope?

But I will be sharing some posts on tailors who on have gone over and above the call of duty like the tailor who made me a sequinned jacket that fits nicely on me – just a few weeks after she finished her sewing course. Or the tailor who did not have my measurements, made a dress in a size 18 as I asked and when she brought the dress to me, right there on the street, in the rain, measured me, saw that the bust she did the dress in was too small. She took the dress home, amended it and got that dress to me that same night so that I could wear it the next day.

These two tailors did it free o. Free Of.Charge.

And the tailor who has made me so many skirts and a dress and they all fit first time. Gbam! No adjustment needed.

I will name them later. So that if you are looking for good tailors who will deliver, you will know where to go.

Let me know your thoughts, what will you do if a tailor ruined a surprise you planned for your spouse?

Story by – Olu Bunmi

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