Tales of a Nigerian Tailor (Part 3) – Sylvia & The Sales Rep

Tales of a Nigerian Tailor (Part 3) – Sylvia & The Sales Rep

So I said I was going to tell you guys about the client that bragged so much about having a good job and paying for her apartment alone. Honestly, I didn’t ask her oh; na she just talk am.

Oya, let me gist you.

So I was living my Tailor life and this lady called me one day saying she saw the outfits I made on Instagram and she wants some tops, so we agreed to meet. On the day we were supposed to meet, I sent her a message asking if I could link her street from the Lekki third roundabout (Ikate) because the street seemed really familiar but her reply was “I said Lekki Phase 1” (1st Sign).

I got to her place and the plan slightly changed; we went from picking fabric for tops to making adjustments. She brought clothes sewn by another tailor and wanted me to fix them; I checked the faults and agreed to fix them. Then we moved to discussing the tops, she wanted 3 off shoulder tops. We agreed on the styles and afterwards, I started taking measurements.

While I was taking the measurement, she kept saying, “I have high waist o, let the top be small”. I placed my tape at 20 and she said it was okay. I told her that normal blouse length starts from 23 and she said, “can’t you see my body is different?” Do what I asked you to do!” (2nd Sign)

In my mind – easy na, it’s not fight.

After taking measurements, we talked about price. I told her the price for the blouses, purposely leaving out the adjustments. And she said “eh! Just for 3 tops?” Is it not just to cut and sew” (3rd Sign)

And I nearly asked “shey you’ll come and use my machine to make it?” Because I am nice. But I said nothing and suddenly, the unasked preceded out of her lips.

She said “I am a sales person, I work at the sales department and I can market these tops for you. When I wear the tops, people will make inquiries about who sewed it and I’ll give them your contact. See, I live here alone; I paid for this place alone so money isn’t a problem”.

In my mind- Oshey! Sarkodie! (who asked you?) And I was there smiling mumulishly.

I didn’t fall for that, instead I maintained my price. Now fast forward to when the tops where delivered, she said one was too small and that’s the one she wanted to be length 20″. I reminded her that I mentioned the size was small when she wanted a small top and she said “okay”. Her next response was, “take the remaining fabric and make a peplum top for me, I’ll send something”

2 days later, she sent a whatsapp message “where’s my top?”. I responded and reminded her that she had not sent the “something”. I told her the price of a peplum blouse differs from that of an off-shoulder blouse because of materials used. To my utmost surprise, her reaction was like an electric spark.

“What? So you haven’t finished my blouse? All you tailors are the same! Return my fabric immediately! If you don’t return my fabric, I will ruin you and your business! Rubbish!”

Who am I to joke with the threats of an EDO woman?

I quickly took the fabric to her place and I met the security man outside. I told him I wanted to deliver some outfits  to “the lady living upstairs who got her apartment by herself”. He said “which one”. I wasn’t there for games; the sun had soaked up all the energy in me, so I had none left to indulge in merry-go-rounding with the security man. I stared at him for a while and then said “the lady living upstairs. No be you open gate for me that day wey I come?” He said NO. He asked me to come in and show him he apartment I was referring to. I did.

And he said “sister, them be 5 wey dey manage that apartment. All of them don go work. Na only one person dey house now. Who you dey find? How she dey?”

I described her and he said “ah, wahala madam. Give me the cloth. Na she dey house”. I gave him and walked away heartbroken. Was it even necessary to say you own the apartment?


Biko, it’s chioma signing out, let the hustle pay. holla!

Till next Wednesday

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4 thoughts on “Tales of a Nigerian Tailor (Part 3) – Sylvia & The Sales Rep

  1. Zinny - December 21, 2016 at 11:55 pm

    Some clients may make you feel really low. At times like this remember the ones that appreciate your effort. Those ones keep you going.
    I’m sure from this experience you’d find better ways to prevent a reoccurence.

    All the best!


    • lynnvillle - December 22, 2016 at 1:26 am

      Thanks for your comments Zinny. Indeed, we have to hold on to the good ones to keep us going when we have bad experiences with some clients.

  2. Nedoux - February 20, 2017 at 11:14 am

    Ah, but some clients can be over the top! Lol 😀

    I enjoyed reading this piece.

    • lynnvillle - February 21, 2017 at 4:42 pm

      Thanks Nedoux; some clients are really over th top. This Lagos babes, lolll


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