(Real life story from someone who smashed her goals in 2017)

In 2014, I moved back to Nigeria; squatting with a friend, no car, no job, no money, no business. Long story short, I eventually got a job. One morning while waiting for a colleague who I hitch a ride with, it was raining and the downpour was extremely heavy with thunder & lightning (this was the type of rain that made Noah build the ark…Lolll). My umbrella was ripped apart and the blessings showered on me to the fullest. I was dripping water like a tea bag when i got to work. That was in 2015, I told myself that by rainy season in 2016, I must have my own car. That same 2015, I realized that with my kind of dreams & goals, my take-home (salary) was too small to actually take me home, so I told myself I’ll start a business to support my salary. On 8th March 2016, I bought my car and in May 2016, I registered my business with Corporate Affairs Commission. In 2017, I said I wanted to become a digital marketing guru & needed to take a digital marketing training. I also wanted to move into a new house, take a vacation (after 3 years) and create a product to help young entrepreneurs. I remember someone telling me it’s not possible to do all these things in 1 year. Guess what? I did it; I travelled to London, moved to a bigger apartment in Lagos and published a book on entrepreneurship titled CASH YOUR PASSION. I surpassed my goals and achieved more than I thought.

Gone are the days when you leave things to chance. You want something, you go and take it. Many people have written new year resolutions; but what boggles my mind is the fact that almost 85% of these resolutions are not continued after the 2nd month in the new year. We start the year with so much adrenaline; gradually it becomes a herculean task trying to keep up with everything on the list of resolutions. Stop making resolutions that will not be accomplished; instead make ACTIONABLE PLANS.

If you want to learn how I did it, pull out a piece of paper & grab a pen let’s get practical; if I can do it then you can. Below are practical steps to achieving your goals in 2018.

1) What do you want in 2018? More money, new job, start a business, buy a car, get married, vacation, learn a new skill, get your masters degree, etc. Write it down and write the particular month you want to do this. You can break it down into the 4 quarters of the year, this will make it to easier for you. It’s easier to plan with 3 months than 12 months.

2) Write down how much money you need to achieve these goals you want. If you don’t know, make inquiries, do a research. Depending on the month you wrote down in number 1, start saving a particular amount of money towards achieving your goal. If you don’t know how to save, find a book on managing finances. You MUST say “no” to impulsive buying and unnecessary spending. It’s advised to save 20% of your salary but I was saving 45% of mine towards my car and business.

3) Who are the people you need along the way to get to this destination? (mentors, accountability partners, pastor, business partner etc). Write down their names and find their contact details if you don’t have them already (also get their social media handles and start reaching out to them). I researched on the gurus I needed to learn digital marketing from & I practically stalked them. As 2017 ends, I have received trainings from the 3 top digital marketing experts I identified.

4) What materials do you need to achieve these goals? Do you have them or do you need to buy them? Books, certifications, training, etc. You need to start researching for upcoming seminars, conferences, trainings etc in 2018.

5) Create time to measure your success, how far you have gone with each goal. With every milestone you accomplish, you can celebrate yourself – This motivates you to keep pushing forward.

6.) Set daily, weekly reminders on your phone to put yourself in check. For example, if you are working towards a certification course in March 2018; set reminders in the whole of February to ask yourself have you studied towards……? Then 2 weeks before the exam, you can move it to daily reminders for studying past questions on that course. Use your smartphone wisely to help you achieve your goals. See attached my phone calendar for the past 3 months.

7) GET a notebook or notepad or diary to monitor your progress. Please, Please, Please don’t just leave these things you wrote on a piece of paper, transfer them to a notepad (physical or digital)

8) Pray – above all, you need God to achieve everything you’ve planned for.

As you go through 2018, make sure you’re equipped to achieve all your goals. If you haven’t gotten the ultimate tool for 2018 – my book CASH YOUR PASSION, what are you waiting for? With this book you can learn practical steps to making money from the things you love doing. Almost 400 copies sold in 3 weeks with great testimonies & reviews.

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I wish you an amazing 2018

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