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Fashion is one thing that revolves and evolves over time; it is the only thing that appears in your past before you were born, stays with you in the present and also visits you in the future. Amazingly, women always know how to handle these fashion trends when they swoop in and take us by surprise, lately I have been seeing a revamp of most outfits I used to consider old school now being worn by the younger generation.
The trends that I have fallen in love with are –
CULOTTES – this trouser trend has sparked up fire among the fashion flock; back in the days it was called the three-quarter trouser. It comes off as chic & casual usually worn for outings, events or a hangout. When paired with a decent shirt, you can pull off the power girl look; a really cool effect of culottes is that they flaunt your footwear unlike the full length trouser. Stella Uzo of Jadore Fashion nailed this trend in a striped black and white culottes paired with a white cropped top and a black strap sandals.

KIMONO – The kimono trend is a type of jacket that is worn over a top; it is usually long and has a perfectly shaped collar that either drapes to the sides or is firm in the middle. It is best worn with a fitted top to finish off the look; this gives the kimono an avenue to flow seamlessly. This outfit is ideal for the lady who wants to stand out in the crowd. I like the way South African TV presenter, Bonang Matheba paired her kimono – simple and stylish.

HATS – This is one fashion accessory every woman should have in her wardrobe. The hat adds flamboyance to your total look; it can make the simplest of outfits look super cool. It has the catalyst effect. Alicia of Hint of Glamour is all doses of sexy & chic in this hat, you should try it too.
SNEAKERS –back in the days, sneakers were associated with sports, but now they have crept into our wardrobes and follow us to work, parties, picnics, events etc. It is rare to find an outfit that does not look good when paired with sneakers (even Ankara); it gives the total ensemble a vibrant and younger look. While seeing Frankie off to the airport, Oge looked trendy in her dress & jacket which she finished off with a white sneakers. (Oge & Frankie are my siblings).

CAT-EYE SUNGLASSES – this she of glasses used to be designed strictly for protection under the sun but the way it suits the woman’s face has caused even optometrists to design medicated glasses in this shape due to its high demand. I just love it. Onyinye of Modavracha does justice to the sun glasses.


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