WHOOP! WHOOP!! I literally threw my hands in the air at the end of the rap.
Mehhhnnn…. there’s never gonna be a dull flight moment with this kinda cool and bubbly flight announcement. Y’all know how boring flight announcements can be that you may even sleep off before the flight takes off. Yeah we get the drill and know you’re trying to tutor us on safety while on board but for crying out loud we’ve heard this over n over n over again. Add some spice/flavour to make it less boring. I can imagine how many people will queue up to buy SouthWest tickets after seeing this video. It’s all about CUSTOMER SERVICE, do something different than the ordinary and create a differential advantage. I like the ending part of the rap…”This is SouthWest Airlines, you’re welcome aboard”. I can imagine every other announcement on that flight coming with some vibes. I think I want want to fly with SouthWest Airlines (loll).
PS: Please can we get more David Holmes kinda flight attendants in Naija??? 

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