One thing I love about being a woman is the creativity behind feminism; whether it is taking care of our hair, nails, outfits etc., we always find a way to be innovative while doing it. Today’s post is focused on nail trends – taking care of our nails have gone beyond the normal personal grooming of keeping the nails clean and coating it with a nail polish. As the beauty industry evolves, nail art and designs have also advanced as creativity has invented lacquers that add extra glow to the nails. These nail designs are achieved with glitters, crystals, acrylic stones, rhinestones and diamonds.
So in order to step up your manicure, you need to get more creative with your nail designs. There are different nail designs shapes to suit your style and personality –
Edge Nail Shape (Young, unique, Creative) – It’s a 3D construction that creates an angle on the nail.
Stilleto Nail Shape (Daring, Sexy, Loves a challenge) – The nail is filed away at the sides to a point at the tip.
Round Nail Shape (Feminine, Caring, Romantic) – The nail grows out straight at the sides for 1.5mm and the tip is filed into a rounded shape.
Squoval Nail Shape (Assertive, Ambitious) – The tip of a long nail is filed into an oval shape but with a squared tip. It gives the nail tip more strength.


Square Nail Shape (A leader, Strong, Bold, A Diva) – The nail grows out straight and the tip is filed straight across at the right angles with the rest of the nail plate.
After choosing the nail shape, then you decide what design you want, below are some designs currently trending in the manicure department – 



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