My 9 to 5 job (in reality 7 to 6) puts me in a position where I get to meet loads of people on a daily basis. Fortunately for me, I get a complete view of the person from where I seat so my fashion subconscious mind kicks in most times and starts making a style collage out of each person.
When a gentleman steps into my office, the first thing that catches my eyes are his shoes (a man’s shoes say a lot about who he is, where he has been and where he is heading to); then I look up to see the wristwatch and belt before any other thing. When he gets closer, my eyeballs find their way to the cufflinks (sorry, I love details), then his tie, before I take my eyes back to his face with a smile. Guys, trust me, there is nothing more charming than a man who knows how to put himself together and look good. It doesn’t just show that you value yourself, it also portrays a well-groomed man. When you get this part right…. believe me, even when you say absolute non-sense; it will automatically sound like real-sense in her ears (but not for long – better find other genuine ways to keep her).
Forgive me…. I digress.
So the eye candy who I’m crushing on his effortless style today is Franklyn Omerekpe; my brother who has taken fashion & style to another level. He is a medical doctor in the making (still in medical school) and also a fashion aficionado who believes that a man’s style can be a lot more fun & creative. Men are unique in their own special ways with different fashion needs and style; some people are the T-shirt kind of guy while others love the corporate style. Whatever angle you choose, you can learn a thing or two from Franklyn’s styling. 
For Corporate outfits
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He loves to accessorize, see close details
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For Casual DapAll the fashion accessories worn in this post are from  from his online fashion store (FRANKLYN STORE). You can purchase male fashion accessories – lapel pins, ties, collar chain etc. at  http://store.frankomerekpe.com/ All items are delivered worldwide, please start placing your orders.


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You can see more of Franklyn’s fashion and style by visiting his blog http://www.frankomerekpe.com 
Have a great week ahead.

Cheers, Lynn

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  1. Deza - May 16, 2016 at 12:20 pm

    Well said Lynn, men/women should be that detailed, it reflects on our finesse and delivery even in the work we do.


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