The average working class Nigerian woman is already battling with balancing work and other aspects of her life. Monday to Friday is filled with the usual hustle and some Saturdays are not totally yours due to meetings or trainings that occasionally spring up at work. Even when you get Saturdays to yourself, you’ll probably prioritize activities like grocery shopping, cooking & stocking your fridge, manicure/pedicure, salon (which can take 3-4 hours of the day) over wardrobe shopping. So, when do we really get the time to go shopping for clothes since shopping does not fit into our modern contemporary life?
Let’s face it – there’s really not much time to do shopping, hence the sudden increase in fashion online stores in Nigeria. These online stores make it easy for you to sit at the comfort of your home/office and do your shopping; this way you don’t have to search many racks looking for a particular size or design – they are just one click away. And guess the sweetest part, you have the option to pay on delivery; so when delivered and it’s not the right fit/fabric, you can decide not to pay and simply order something else. Isn’t that cool? Shopping made easy.
Just as there are many boutiques out there, there are also many fashion online retail stores and here are my top 5 stores in Nigeria:


This is the ideal online fashion store if you love high street fashion; they stock varieties of luxury brands that are unique and affordable. It is your one stop shop for both Nigerian and foreign labels; they are a brand that are also in sync with their customers and always find a way to celebrate them on social media especially if you tag them while wearing an item purchased from their store.

Grey Velvet

In order to stand out of the crowd as a woman, your style needs to be unique and this website is the best place to shop the latest designer trends. This store is targeted at the woman who loves fashion trends and wants to synchronize her style with the newest designs. Many celebrities also shop here, so if you are that woman who wants to look good and is not on budget, then this online store was made just for you.

Lady Biba

Lady Biba is the perfect fit for your debit/credit card if you are one of us who believe that work wear should never be boring. This store is popularly known for their aesthetic designed clothes that can literally make any boss lady drool. The quality of their dresses are evident in the volume of customers who they cater to; they are definitely your go-to online store for the elegant power woman.

Besaz Boutique

This store brings you good quality fashion and also affordable as they believe trendy individual style, elegance and glamour doesn’t have to come with an expensive price tag. This store is dedicated to bringing you the best of class and sass with fabulous designs of outfits, wide range of bags & foot wears. When I think of work dresses, Besaz Boutique comes to mind, they deliver both in Nigeria and Ghana.
Zazaii is described as the global address for shopping established and emerged African fashion, lifestyle and beauty with over 50 well-known brands ranging from Toju Foyeh, Obsidian, JLabel etc. This store offers you not just clothes but other guilty pleasures to compliment your total ensemble and they are always heavily stocked.

Let the shopping begin.
PS: Don’t break your bank account oh…. (lol)


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