What really do we live for? Are we merely passing through this world or making our existence count? I believe that you have not fully lived until you make a positive impact in another person who may never be in a position to repay you. Christmas is a season of laughter, joy and celebration with loved ones; remember how you looked forward to Christmas as a child, the excitement of brand new clothes, gift items from loved ones and most importantly the Christmas rice and chicken. Hhhmm, the memories still linger on…

But unfortunately, some kids have never experienced this excitement or get the opportunity to celebrate Christmas, let alone receive any gifts. How sad, but guess what? You can start today to make that decision to make an impact in someone’s life by being a part of The Bloom Luxury Christmas Party for underprivileged kids

Imagine for a second, if you could attend the best party in the world; one you could never afford all glammed up in your tuxedo or sparkling dress. Now imagine throwing this kind of party for underprivileged children. A Christmas Party for children who cannot afford the kind of parties you attend now.

WHY: These children also deserve the best treatment like every other child. Having something deluxe and inspirational to look forward to in their future doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all. I’m sure you agree with me.

HOW :We are planning a luxury non-profit event for these children and we NEED your help. The kids will be invited individually with a top-notch invitation card; we hope to dress them up and groom them entirely for the event. We also hope to bring in artistes to perform for them and have other celebrities who they never thought they’ll meet stop by to say hi.

There will be a wish list filled out by the kids and the donors will present the gifts of what the kids wrote that they wanted. Professional pictures will be taken and sent to them for keepsakes. There will also be a special presentation by the kids, inspirational talks, games and lots more.

Age Range: 6-13, No. of children: 100 from multiple charity homes

If you render ANY service or have products to share freely or would like to volunteer or give in some other way, you are the one we are looking at.

WHERE: This will happen in Lagos, Nigeria (venue to be announced)

WHEN: On Saturday, 17th December, 2016. It’s a Christmas party to remember. #BloomNaija2016


Some vendors are already on board. What service do you render, we can fit you in? To get involved, please contact Cynthia on OR fill the form on

For more information, visit the website –

Social Media: @bloomstory

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