LACTATION COOKIE – A Nursing Mother’s Life Saver

LACTATION COOKIE – A Nursing Mother’s Life Saver


Nursing mothers are often faced with lots of cultural ideas and beliefs imposed by mothers, sisters, aunts and friends as to what helps increase breast milk flow. While some of their ideas are almost pleasant, they sometimes sound defiantly awful to “modern mums” and often tend to encroach into your personal, emotional, spiritual and physical beliefs. Also as a breastfeeding mother, I know how extremely frustrating it can be when your body doesn’t seem to make enough milk for your baby. You see your baby unsettled because they are not eating enough even though they are regularly on the breast. If you have faced such challenges and have sought easier and more “21st century” delightful methods to encourage the flow of breast milk, stop the search because an angel heard OUR PRAYERS!!!!!


God blessed me with a cute little foodie; she eats so much and clusters the breast as if she has a twin sharing the food with her. She’s usually unsatisfied after breastfeeding which makes her unhappy and of course, that gets me really sad because I felt I was failing my first duty as a mum. After countless searches on how to remedy the situation, I did found out that about 92% of first time mothers have some trouble breastfeeding. This gave me a bit of relief. There are many first time mums who are oblivious of how to produce more milk for their baby; so if you are like me (or like the old me), you are not alone. We now we have a helper called “Lactation cookies”…. yes, you read right. Lactation cookies were and still are a lifesaver for me since starting this breastfeeding journey. Lactation cookies are a healthy and tasty cookie made with extremely nutritious ingredients that work together to increase the quantity and nutritional content of breast milk in nursing mothers. Lactation cookies are great for all nursing mothers; helps to increase milk supply for all breastfeeding mothers having trouble breastfeeding, mothers who pump milk for storage, mothers who experience a shortage of milk supply after returning back to work, mothers who have big eaters like I do, mothers experiencing cluster feeding by their babies…etc.


Some people ask me if it works – It sure worked for me and has been working for nursing mothers around the world. The ingredients I have used in this cookie provide immune stimulating compounds, proteins, vitamins, minerals, omega 3 and omega 6 which are very vital component for a baby’s developing system. All you need to do is eat a couple of cookies and drink lots of water; breast milk is 70% water and you will notice your breast enlarge when you’re lactating. With lactation cookies, you will have a successful breastfeeding experience resulting in a happy, healthy & active baby and we all know a happy baby equals a happy mummy.


Do you want to become a happy nursing mummy? Then order your lactation cookie now?


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Written by Chinny @Chinnyob (A nursing mother, medical doctor and blogger).


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