Fashion trends that haven’t quite caught up with me yet

Fashion trends that haven’t quite caught up with me yet

The internet is a treasure trove of strange things; 2016 had its own fair share and 2017 is plunging its way through. Social Media on its own has become an essential part of everyone’s life, it is addictive! And has its way of subtly pushing new things down our throats without us realizing it. But fashion is one thing that evolves and revolves every year leaving little or no room for some people to catch up with its trends. Here’s a look back from 2016 into 2017 to some of the trends that didn’t quite hold my interest.

Ripped/ distressed denim I remember one Christmas a couple of years ago, I had gone to my maternal home for the yuletide season. One afternoon, my grandma asked that I walk her to the church. On our way, we saw some young men wearing ripped denim and my grandma just looked at them with her most disapproving look and said to me “ihuru otu wé nnu la ndi otu Dengo” (meaning, see them looking like Dengo’s associates –Dengo is a popular mad man in my maternal home). I burst out laughing and till date whenever I see any of those young men even on Facebook, I remember that incident and it still cracks me up. Needless to say, I’ve never dared to wear ripped denim till date! The fear of my grandma is the beginning of wisdom.

Chokers Google search for chokers had a 233 percent increase from 2015 to 2016; it’s surely the ’90s resurgence. Maybe it’s down to our emotional need to retreat back into childhood and escape this horror show that is this generation. It’s not yet a thing for me probably because I know that prior to it becoming really popular in the ’90s, they were worn by French courtesans until 1960. I used “yet” because my style is continuously evolving and chances are, I might decide to wear them next week… loll

Blue/black lipsticks Gone are the days when fashion was boring and bold lips were only seen on the run way;  blue/blue lipstick have gone quite mainstream over the last year. Sadly, I can’t get myself to wear them as they make my teeth appear yellow. Nah, nothing is permitted to stop me from shining ‘em 32s. Thumbs up to ladies like the ever effervescent Lupita Nyong’o and Gigi Hadid who rock these shades quite effortlessly.

Septum rings Growing up, piercing your septum used to be something that only happened to punks and cows. But with Madonna, Lady Gaga and FKA Twigs all spotting septum rings; young women everywhere are now keen to have bolts, rings and spikes put through the fleshy bit in their nasal passage. According to my friend Gina who is a piercing specialist, “nothing less than 100 women have come into my studio to get a septum piercing between August 2016 and March 2017”. If my daughter ever comes home with a septum piercing; there’ll be a super glue, blood and emergency room situation, the end.

100 layers – For reasons I’m yet to understand, 2016 was the year that a lot of people decided to figure out what would happen if they put 100 layers of something – foundation, highlighter, lipstick, whatever – on to their faces, nails or body. The results were pretty much basic- them looking like party clowns. I didn’t understand it then and don’t think I’m ready to understand it now; maybe in a thousand years to come.

Genitalia inspired beauty products When lipsticks shaped like penises went viral on the internet, it wasn’t a surprise that penis and vagina highlighters were a hit too. I even got a bunch as a present from a friend who has a knack for the naughty. Was it a bit fun to rub these on our lips? Sure, after all we are the truest definition of fashion “victims”.

Which of these trends did you follow blindly and which ones have you benefited from? Leave your thoughts in the comment section

Written by –  JOY ADESUYI


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