Why can’t tech accessories be chic and glamorous? After all, you wear them everyday…
Technology is impacting lives every day and should also reflect your personal taste as much as anything else. Fashion and style have evolved so much that producers of fashion accessories have improved their creativity by fusing style with technology in order to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving market. These accessories have become more than just an item of style as they also serve as tech gadgets that help to make life a little easier for you while looking glamorous. So if you’re stylish and don’t like the extra load of carrying tech gadgets, these accessories are the best to keep you up to speed –

Rebecca Minkoff cable bracelet – This chic accessory is more than just a studded bracelet. Hidden beneath the genuine leather and gold stud is a USB connector to charge and sync your iPhone. Wear it along with your everyday jewelry.


Tinsel necklace with built-in headphones – This neck piece has the complete functionality of headphones built into it, without compromising a woman’s glam looks. It can be used as a microphone and 3-button remote control, so you can talk on the phone, listen to music, podcasts…all the things you could do with other headphones, but in style.


Michael Kors Access smartwatch – The sleek designs make them quality investments for anyone who is looking for an everyday timepiece. While it looks just like the standard chunky gold MK watch, this touchscreen timepiece is more than just a time keeper; it is powered by Android Wear technology, which means it can synchronize with your smart phone to send you text messages,  email alerts, social media updates and also track your fitness. The smartwatch also has designs for both men and women, so you can grab a matching pair for both you and the Mrs.


The MIXIT Lightning USB Tassel – has a chic design made from natural leather and clips onto a bag, purse or luggage for on-the-go use. The accessory is designed to hide the Lightning and USB connectors behind the tassel cords, the 2.4A charging cable is approximately 7 inches long.


Mira fitness tracker bracelet – it’s an activity tracker designed like jewelry, proving that tech and high style can coexist. Fashionistas of the world can now track steps, calories, distance and elevation using Mira, without worrying about anyone gawking at “that thing” on their wrists. But the Mira is more than just a pretty face; it is designed for confident, fearless, bold women just like you.


You like huh?
So which accessory will you purchase first?


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