Yayyyyyyyyyy…..  It’s FEBRUARY, Happy new month everyone.
Wondering why I am so excited about February, it’s the season of love and because it is the month I was born. Every year I look forward to this month and often wonder what the month has in store for me; so this year I have tagged it the Fantastic February. Why?
  • 15thFebruary is another reminder of God’s love and infinite mercies towards me; I get to see another year to experience the amazing things God wants to do to me and through me.


  • This month, I look forward to implementing most of the plans I have set for 2016 by God’s grace; January was all about goal setting, decision making and putting up structures. It is not enough to make plans and write them down, what is important is that you get up and make it work. The distance between your dreams and reality is ACTION.


  • Self-Love – this month is called the Love Month mainly because Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th. The irony of this whole love-in-the-air moment is that a lot of people forget to love themselves because they are too focused on seeking approval/validation from others. Self-love is not vanity; it is understanding your value and appreciating the unique features that make up your entire being. No man or woman can validate you beyond the love of God. So this month, I encourage you to love yourself like crazy and on the 14th celebrate yourself and know that you are loved and valued.


  • Spreading Love – with each day of this month, I want to do an act of love/kindness for someone. It could be as little as opening the door for someone, just passing nice a compliment, speaking gently, a warm smile, slow to anger, forgiveness etc. just something that will make the other person smile. I don’t want to stop doing this after February… I want to make it a habit, so help me God.


If you are reading this and January did not really turn out the way you wanted; don’t worry. February is here with another opportunity for you to try again, another month to give it a second shot. Don’t give up because of one stumbling block, make it a stepping stone and rise above. Do your best and God will do the rest…as long as you never stop trying.
May this month bring your dreams closer to reality; I pray that God’s blessings will be showered on you, your family, your business, your dreams and plans. Go ahead and have a FANTASTIC FEBRUARY. 

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