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How are you doing today and how have you been? I went to get a manicure and pedicure over the weekend and stopped over at the ATM to withdraw some cash; I took out the usual amount that I pay but added some extras just in case. After getting my nails done, the lady was like, “Aunty, we don increase our price oh” so na extra N500 you go add”; I asked since when and why? Her response was “ah, you no dey dis Naija, dollar don increase and everything don cost for market”. Even orange seller increased price of oranges because of dollar… haba!
Even a toddler in Nigerian knows the current financial situation of the economy and how everything is affected due to our over-dependence on oil, hence crippling the economic situation due to the reduced oil prices. But nevertheless, we still have to wear clothes every day as the weddings, social events, birthdays, child dedications; thanksgivings etc. seem to be on the rise during this period. In as much as we want to still look good and maintain our sense of style at these events and at our places of work, we also need to be careful with our fashion expenses so that we don’t find ourselves in a financial hiccup that can be avoided. The jamb question now is – how do we balance our finances with fashion during this economic downturn? These 5 easy steps will help you.
Know you financial capacity – this is extremely important. You cannot be earning a low income and want to own the wardrobe of a high net worth individual.  Knowing your financial capability helps you know how to spend and what to spend on; fashion & style is not solely dependent on how much you spend on an outfit but also on the way you wear it (the fitting). So don’t live above your means because you want to look like the fashion aficionados on the blogs and magazines, create your own unique style, simple and sophisticated.
Scrap impulsive buying – many of us who are window shoppers give ourselves heart attack after window shopping. You often find yourself dreaming about the clothes and jewelleries you saw and that urge to buy it keeps hunting you until you satisfy its cravings. Dearest, you need to overcome that dream and curtail unnecessary spending; make purchases only when it is absolutely required, don’t use money for a need to satisfy a want.
Buy Nigerian – majority of boutiques are stocked with imported London, Italian, American apparels; then when these clothes are sold, the prices are unnecessarily expensive because the increase in dollar and scarcity of foreign currencies (pounds & euros) means the items will definitely have some extra zeros added to the original price. But a Nigerian made outfit is sewn and styled in Nigeria by a Nigerian for Nigerians; these outfits will not be outrageously expensive as we have very good Nigerian outfits, foot wears and accessories at affordable prices. Visit to find out the best Nigerian items to buy.
Re-rock – this is the ability to wear one outfit many times but styled in different ways to create a unique ensemble. Don’t dump a good outfit after wearing it once just because you have posted pictures on Instagram with that outfit and you don’t want to be seen wearing it again. It really doesn’t make sense especially if you’re doing this to impress social media at the expense of your finances. Do you know you can turn a dress to a skirt or top? You can also wear the same top, trouser, shirt etc. again but paired with different accessories from the first time you wore it. To get this right, you need to give at least 2 – 3 months gap between the first rocking and the re-rock. The ability to re-rock shows how creative your mind can be, give it a try – you could learn something in styling.
Minimalistic dressing – too much of fashion sometimes is not attractive; you can still look like a bombshell with minimal dressing, simple jewelleries and a light make-up. So buying too many things that will look like extra luggage on you may not be advisable.
With these simple steps, you can effectively manage your wallet and your wardrobe; fashion is important but not at the expense of your finances.

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