DRESSING FOR THE WEATHER – Style Tips For The Rainy Season

DRESSING FOR THE WEATHER – Style Tips For The Rainy Season

 I don’t know if it’s only me but lately, the weather in Nigeria has been freezing; more like the weather in Lagos due to the incessant heavy downpour which has turned my once warm naija into the days of cold London nights. Me wey no like cold before, I’ve been shaking like a chicken and Lemsip has become my most loyal companion, helping me to knock out the flu when it rears its ugly head. Waking up every morning now becomes an ultimate challenge as the battle between the duvet and I is one that leaves me feeling heart-broken because I wish I could carry the duvet to work. It’s really hard to say good-bye….even to my duvet (sobs). But all these avengers trying to stop my shine in the name of cold shall not prevail because when the rhythm of the song changes, you don’t stop dancing – you just change your dancing step. So, when warm naija decides to act like oyibo land, don’t let the moody weather trample on your vibrant fashion, just change your style to suit the weather. Friday is usually a freestyle/dress-down day at work so to remedy the cold and still look stylish, I opted for a sweatshirt with a mix of wool in front (to keep my chest warm) and chiffon at the back; paired with a navy blue pencil jeans. Since we cannot wear winter boots in Nigeria, I chose a suede wedge sandals that fully covered the top of my feet.
A very important tip when dressing for the cold weather is to identify the parts of your body that are easily susceptible to cold. These body parts are the areas you need to focus on when picking your outfit because you will need to protect yourself from the cold entering your body. For me, these areas are my chest, neck, legs and hands – hence my love for scarves and turtle neck tops because they will keep your neck and chest warm. I was also happy that the wrist part of my top on Friday was woolen; even though the rain came visiting, I was unperturbed because I was stylishly ready for the cold.



Subsequently, you may need to tweak your work clothes for Monday to Thursday  a little bit (if you work in a strict dress code environment like me); for example, you can mix your shirt with a sweater or pullover to keep you warm. You can also swap your camisoles for a turtle neck top or add a scarf around your neck to reduce the penetration of cold into your body (if you work in a chilled environment like banks, etc.)
For foot wears, you may opt for rubber soles especially if you reside or work in areas that become water-logged due to poor drainage system. You don’t want your expensive and fancy shoes getting soaked with water; you can pack the expensive shoes in your bag until you get inside your location, ladies we get this part abi? The men always know better in this category.

Lastly, a hot cup of tea or coffee will keep you internally warm and give you that charming smile that completes your outfit for the day. Don’t let the weather dull your style, dress appropriately for the cold and keep looking fabulous.

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  1. Anonymous - July 19, 2016 at 3:12 pm

    I love your fashion sense daarrling !

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    Honestly, I don't normally read style blogs, like, it's not really my thing but I really like your blog. It's not really style though is it? Maybe lifestyle? I just love how you tell your "style" story.
    This is my first time here by the way, :), really love it!


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