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Good news! LynnVille was invited for an interview with a gospel entertainment TV. It was all about inspirational blogging, what motivates/inspires/drives me, fashion, how I started blogging; of all different things to do, why choose blogging and the future for LynnVille? The interview is yet to go LIVE and when it does, you’ll be the first to know.

There’s a story which has been trending on some blogs today about “indecent dressing being the main cause of rape”. TRUE OR FALSE? My opinion is 75% True. Some ladies go with the rule “If you have it, then flaunt it”. While flaunting it, you draw unnecessary attention to yourself and when the attention comes, you start pleading for help. It is true that some men are he-goats, dogs and just beasts in human form who cannot contain and control their insatiable quest for sexual pleasures. Nevertheless, there is always an action before a reaction and in my opinion I think if ladies revealed less of their body, the haughty eyes of wicked and unreasonable men will not find them. It is not a new story that men are moved by sight; especially the ones who have willed their sense of reasoning to the lil’ man between their thighs. If ladies know this fact and still dress trashy, they’re either seeking wrong attention (obviously begging to be noticed), being stupid or purposely asking to be raped. The other 25% rape cases are innocent people and on this note, some men’s p***** should just be cut off or forever remain inactive because they are just heartless and wicked. 

Ladies, please dress classy and not trashy. Dress like a woman of substance, honour and virtue. Your body is the temple of God, you’re a treasured vessel bought with a price. Remember, gold is not found on the surface of the soil…one has to dig deeper before gold 
can be found – you are that gold. If gold was to be found on every surface of the earth, then it wouldn’t be so valuable. Likewise, your body should not just be revealed in the open for the world to behold, it reduces your value and your self-worth. Showing off your goodies will only attract the wrong kind of men ad you definitely don’t want to get caught in their web. They’ll call you hot and sexy, you smile and giggle thinking you got them sprung; but by the end of the night they treat you like trash cos that’s how you presented yourself to them #trashy. Men know EXACTLY how to treat a woman with class, so sweet sis…trash the trashy clothes and become a woman of honour and dignity. The price tag you place on a product determines how many people can afford it. What price tag have you placed on yourself and your body? What is your worth? Do you know your value? Are you just for any random man or for “The Man”? #foodforthought. Read my article on “A woman’s worth” HERE

Back to the interview: It was a great experience, first time being on set with cameras talking about what I love to do. And….this is what I wore for the interview. Don’t worry, I wore a black panty-hose cos I had to sit down, see the last picture (I can’t be revealing my goodies abeg, saving it for “The Man” *winks*). Also with this London cold, you won’t survive it with your thighs, legs exposed. The pictures were taken when I got home so I can quickly run upstairs afterwards.

Outfit details: Peplum dress-Miss Selfridge; Blazers-Forever 21; Bracelet-Forever 21; Shoe-Birthday Gift 2012; Earring-Newlook.

So do you agree/disagree that indecent dressing is the main cause of rape. Share your thoughts.

Have a beautiful week ahead…XX

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