How to deal with procrastination (the time thief)

How to deal with procrastination (the time thief)

Ok ok ok, everyone is guilty of procrastination. Matter of fact, I mastered the art of not doing things at the right time. I work better under pressure (or so I tell myself). I recall back in school, I’ll never go to class, I’ll never read, I’ll never do homework. Matter of fact I was the chief faffer of life. Not like I had a business running or a special course or computer programme. Naaa. I’d rather stay home, read my novels or watch a movie. Then the moment I see the exam time table….ghen ghen… its like the super woman in me has been activated. I’d burn the midnight candle, drink coffee/red bull and lose all the weight I managed to gain in the course of the semester. Cram & pour is what I called it; I lived for the adrenaline rush and actually looked forward to exam week. Guess what? I graduated summa cum laude…..hehehehehe. ok ok with a 2.1 anyway.

Flash forward to my MBA days, first semester; I thought I could pend all my assignments and term paper till last minute as usual, like the super girl that I am. Lo and behold, first semester results came out and I failed woefully, with class, swag and distinction. That’s when I realized, I had to work on time management.

I have not stopped procrastinating. Matter of fact, I am still the master procrastinator, I still love all-nighters. But let’s be realistic, not all goals have a deadline. What happens then? Or what happens when there is no immediate consequence for missing a particular deadline. Ironically, the goals whose deadlines do not have immediate consequence are the most important goals – I’m talking about life goals. It’s easy to be on check when your salary depends on delivering a task but what happens to personal goals with long time lines. What happens to being a millionaire by 30. Ok, scrap that; that’s too far-fetched. What happened to that course you promised to take in 2016? What happened to that bad habit you promised to drop in 2016? What happened to that business you promised to start in 2016? Let me guess, months ran into months and voila it was December. Then you say “waow, the year ran fast, I’ll do it in 2017”. Well guess what? 2017 is running; the big time thief is not the one that stops us from meeting short term goals or deadlines (you can always pull an all fighter for that). The big thief here is the one that stops us from meeting those seemingly long time goals; we’ll never realize how much time we’ve lost till its 2027 and you find out a decade has gone by while you were on the coulda-woulda shoulda train.

So, don’t let the time thief steal your valuable time, hop on the moving train as fast as you can and start working on those goals you’ve been procrastinating. Create a to-do list, set up an action plan towards your goals, get an accountability partner to keep you in check and monitor your progress as time goes on (monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly).

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