Cut the guy some slack, he’s not an ATM machine

Cut the guy some slack, he’s not an ATM machine

Ok, Ok, Ok… I know some guys can be stingy, I usually don’t notice that, maybe because I wasn’t brought up to expect a man to pay my bills or what not. I think it’s our fault as women of this generation have been labelled gold diggers. Matter of fact I’ve heard the saying; “woe betide the man that dated a woman who once dated a yahoo boy”. But really that’s the gospel truth. While we’re out here trying to fight for women to be respected in the society, we have a group who only see dollar signs and ATM machine anytime they sight a man.

I didn’t come to attack the ladies but when did asking a lady out become tantamount to spending plenty money. We judge our first dates based on how much the guy spent on food….food ooo. What restaurant did he take you to, how much did he spend, what car did he drive, what perfume did he wear, what shirt is he wearing, what kind of wrist watch did he wear? In fact we want the bros to carry his account balance on his forehead and all his bank details on his body. Some girls have consumed the destiny of men at a sitting.

Sometimes I cringe when I hear the amount some guys pay when I go on some dates…uncle 30K, kai that’s my brother’s monthly pocket money ooo. Just to chop Daube de Boeuf Provencal. My sister forget the name, it was chicken inside tomato sauce with carrot and celery (loll). I almost ran mad; was I impressed that day? Well, I was impressed he could pronounce it sha but I was angry because I just sent same money to my brother the previous day for pocket money. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being judgmental or thrifty (trust me I know how to splurge) but some ladies expect this treatment on every date. Aunty fear God na…. I don’t mind you doing it on the first date, maybe to impress me that you’re classy and all; but if every date I am eating food I can’t pronounce at the cost of my house rent and the conversation is as dry as kpanla (dry fish), then I’m sorry kó lé werk (it can’t work) between us. I have had more interesting dates and meaningful conversations at Mama Chidera’s place (my fave joint) over a plate of pepper soup and agidi (it takes little to please me).

Technically I see any lady who chooses her man based on material things as very shallow. Of course, it simply means you have a price. Dinner at Federal Palace Hotel, Radisson Blu or Oriental, 2 Brazilian hair, shopping at XXXXX and I’m yours. My brother don’t be silly, the moment another guy gets her something better, she’s off. I’m not saying don’t get gifts when wooing a woman (I love gifts too) but be sensible too. If you are stinkingly rich, omo baba olowo… then no P, spend send spend but please don’t bankrupt your destiny (also don’t borrow to impress a lady oh) #WehdoneSir. Don’t come tomorrow and say women are gold diggers or she dumped you for someone better after you spent your house rent on her. You can have fun without money. I’m not promoting stinginess or Alaroroism I’m trying to promote healthy spending habits and to kill the notion that you need to be a maga (huge spender) to impress a lady.

Ladies please don’t bankrupt the man’s destiny, he’s not an ATM machine. I didn’t come to attack the ladies but please… let’s cut the guys some slack.

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4 thoughts on “Cut the guy some slack, he’s not an ATM machine

  1. Juliet Ndukwe - March 22, 2017 at 6:55 am

    ? your not entirely wrong but omo mehn girls gotta eat a nigga small just nwantiti ?

    • lynnvillle - March 23, 2017 at 8:16 pm

      lollllllll…..Julieeeeeeeettttttttt! Naughty girl

  2. Nosa - March 22, 2017 at 1:47 pm

    Totally agree..right on point. Meanwhile this line “Some girls have consumed the destiny of men at a sitting totally got me rolling on my seat. Really funny…..ladies listen ooooh

  3. lynnvillle - March 23, 2017 at 8:17 pm

    I hope they listen oh. But truly, if you leave some ladies, they will eat a guy till he strips his last clothing


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