CONNECT NIGERIA Launches CLUB CONNECT Where You’ll Never Pay Full Price Again

CONNECT NIGERIA Launches CLUB CONNECT Where You’ll Never Pay Full Price Again

It sounds too good to be true when I think about it, but have you ever imagined a situation where you never have to pay full price again for anything? I mean no more full price on anything at all in Nigeria, from services to products to advert placements etc. Ohhhh…. now your eyeballs are popping, mine popped too when I heard about Connect Nigeria’s Club Connect.


Connect Nigeria brings you Club Connect where members will never have to pay full price again. For a membership fee, you get a discount with thousands and thousands of vendors from popular restaurants, law firms, spa treatment facilities, accounting firms and much more.

Has your car broken down? Call AA Rescue car services and get 45% off.


Looking to replace old family photos? Join and get 20% off OneDot photography.


Looking for advert placement? Join and get 70% off BRT advertising.


Looking for somewhere to celebrate a birthday? Join and get up to 50% off selected restaurants all over the area.


Get 77% off Business Day, 40% off popular advertising company Platform, 15% off Printivo printing services and so much more.


When you live in a country like Nigeria during a recession, it’s highly imperative that you make wise financial decisions especially with expenditures. Why not leverage on this opportunity? You stand a chance to save more money when shopping and you also receive top-notch services with no inconvenience.


To become a member of the Club Connect, log on to or contact us at 0809-800-5000 or at


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