Finally, a cheaper and non-fatal alternative to gas cooker

Finally, a cheaper and non-fatal alternative to gas cooker

Often times, we find things that help solve major problems but could wreck an entire household in one second. The gas cooker happens to be one of these necessary evils; many households have suffered great loss of family members due to gas explosions from a leaking gas. The advance in technology has caused some adjustments to its modus operandi by adding knob covers designed to help prevent children from turning on the stove; then addition of electric igniters to control gas flames. But all these technological adjustments does not reduce the cost of refilling a gas cylinder; neither does it make gas non-combustible when it is leaked. So what’s the solution???

Meet the Bio-gel Cook Stove (KIKE Green Cook Stove )

The KIKE Green Cook stove was developed to address the many safety concerns presented by cooking gas/stoves and have been rated No. 1. It not only burns smoothly but is EXTREMELY safe to use. The gel house is non-pressurized and holds bio-gel in a special controlled jelly canister so you don’t need to be bothered about spill or being turned over . The burner flame is adjusted and extinguished by a simple regulator.


The price of the Gel fuel is just below the cost of kerosene in Nigeria (Less than $1 per volume litre. 0.75 liter of Gel fuel (Two filling) will provide a full day of cooking for a family of five. The KIKE Green Cook dramatically reduces greenhouse gas and soot (black carbon) emissions. This means a greatly reduced Global Warming Impact.


  • High quality, sturdy and durable 1 and 2 plate stove
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with
  • Easy and safe to operate
  • Safer than kerosene stoves, with lower centre of gravity
  • Non-liquid, so it will not spread like kerosene in case of spillage
  • Comes with simmer plate


Benefits: Biofuel Gel

  • Heats up very quickly with high heat output.

  • Non Spill, non explosive, no flare, and non toxic

  • Highly safe and economical.

  • If stove falls over accidentally the flames are contained in one place. – 1 litre burns continuously for approx. 10 hours and more.

  • If ingested, effects are not fatal but just unpleasant – No Smoke or smell.

  • When water comes into contact with gel whilst cooking, it does not splatter. – No black flame stains on cooking pots.



Health Benefits

  • It provides a significant health benefit to families otherwise dependent on dirty fuel.

  • Eliminating dangerous smoke and gases from the home. Millions of families around the world still die yearly, mostly women and children, as a result of cooking smoke and other harmful gases.


3 types of biomass converted into ethanol gel used for cooking:

Sawdust from different sawmills in Nigeria; Water hyacinth, a proliferative plant in the water existing mainly in the 7 Nigerian states bordered by water; Biomass waste generated from the transformation and/or use of cassava, yam, maize and sugarcane.



  • Fuel capacity: 0.4 litters per tank
  • Power Rating on high: 2.1 kW. Turn down ratio: 1/5
  • Cooking time: 1.5 hours on high, up to 3 hours on low
  • Average cooking capacity: 0.75 liter of fuel per day will provide cooking for a family of five
  • Efficiency: Greater than 60%
  • Emissions: Negligible soot or carbon. Meets World Health Organization (WHO) standards for Carbon Monoxide emissionsinvest for profits.


The KIKE Green Cook stove has been successfully tested in households of all income levels in Kumasi and Accra’s capital city, Ghana and widely used in Nigeria.


So what are you waiting for? SAVE LIVES and SAVE COST, use KIKE Green Cook Stove.

For more inquiries,  call 09023002352.


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