One look from my window and i knew i needed a break. The view from my 16th floor apartment was a lovely sight; at night it feels like i could touch the stars. The street lights create a beautiful design and the red brake lights from the cars all add up to make my view a sweet moment. But all of this was not just enough, I was just tired jare. London is too busy, so many people, ups and downs, hustling and bustling, minding the gaps, chasing trains and trying not to miss your bus. I just needed some time off and guess what??? ABERDEEN(Scotland)…Yayyyy, finally I had somewhere to go, my friend’s birthday was coming up (That’s why I haven’t actually posted anything for a while). Mehnn, I thought London was cold but Aberdeen is freezing, thank God i prepared very well for it. I tried to go to as many places as I could, not much though but just a few to get pictures. Its good to take a break sometimes, go away for a while and ease off all the stress cos all work and no play makes Lynda a…..(fill in the gap) loll. I made new friends, I feel better & light-headed now, due to go back to London tomorrow, will post more pictures when I get to London (after dealing with jet lag) cos I’m currently blogging from Aberdeen. Catch ya later.

On our way to Jimmy Chung
Lunch with birthday girl (extreme left) @ Jimmy Chung.



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