Heels are an important part of every woman’s wardrobe.  Whether you are a heels lover or just okay with sneakers and flats; you still need at least one pair of heels in your wardrobe.

I started my journey with heels at the age of 2; it was always the best part of my day walking in mum’s court shoes when she returns from work. Mum was a banker, heels was a significant part of her dress-code so I never missed strutting/modelling round the house in those heels –so wearing heels came naturally for me and has continued till today. This part of womanhood came naturally for me but there are some people who have never been caught in heels – they just don’t like it and won’t wear it even without giving it a try. If you’re in this category, this article is for you.
There are different inches for heels which gives you an idea of how high you will be elevated and whether it is something you can be comfortable with or not. Heels do not necessarily need to be extremely high, you can go for kitten heels which are very low and very comfortable. Generally, as a woman, you definitely need one good heels in your wardrobe and with these 7 reasons, I’m sure you will agree with me.
  • Boost Your Confidence – Walking in heels gives you a certain level of confidence than walking in flats. It adds some poise and elegance to the way you walk and gives you an assertive appearance which automatically singles you out from the crowd. A good pair of heels makes a lady feel better about her appearance and this generally boosts her confidence. “Give a girl the right kind of shoes and she can conquer the world.’’


  • Power Walking: join the women of power like Olivia Pope and Jessica Pearson who stand tall and have their head up high with the shoulders straight and firmly positioned. That’s what heels can do for you; when you walk into any department in your work place you will command a certain level of respect. People who walk on flats mostly slouch their shoulders and look down while walking; this doesn’t reflect a smart and confident woman.


  • Draws Attention:  A woman in heels draws attention and can create a good first impression on anyone whether male or female. When you’re going to pitch your business to an investor, a job interview; make no mistake about it – find an exotic pair of heels that will add a spark to your total ensemble. And if it’s a date, find a stiletto heel that will make him ask for a second date.
  • Accentuate Your Legs: A good pair of comfortable heels gives the look of long and sexy legs; they can also tone a woman’s leg muscles


  • They Add Extra Height: For the not so tall and average ladies, wearing heels will definitely add an extra height. But for the taller ladies, there are some dresses that just don’t look good with flats e.g., a pencil skirt. The heels are needed to boost your height in order to complete that outfit and give it the best fitting on you.
  • Flaunt your feminine features: my mum drummed this into my head as a teenager; she will often tell me that heels make you walk like a lady with your hips swaying to the left and to the right. As I grew older, I realized she was right; the more I walked on heels, the more I embraced my feminine features and knew how to carry myself as a woman. Sometimes people ask if I think I’m on the runway (lolllll), but they don’t understand that the way I walk started from childhood. But when I’m on flats, I actually bounce unconsciously.
  • Make You Look Trimmer: when a woman is in heels, she stands tall and her legs toned which makes her appear trimmer.


What do you think? Was I able to change your perception on heels and maybe you‘ll try new pairs this week?  What is the primary reason why you wear heels and what’s the highest inch you can wear? Share your thoughts.

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