Focus is imperative to success and productivity; you have to be focused in order to get what you want in life. The most successful people in the world are highly focused; this habit ensures they are fully engaged in activities, get more done properly and handle unforeseen circumstances better.
You may be wondering, why the emphasis on women?
Before the 21stcentury, women were not allowed to maximise their potential fully; there were restrictions on the girl child in terms of education and how far you could go. In some countries, women did not have the right to vote, but today all those archaic practices no longer exist. Furthermore, women are considered the weaker sex and joggle between a lot of things like motherhood, building your home, keeping the family together, meeting your husband’s needs and still support financially. The question is how do they do it? How do they go through all that life throws at them and still remain focused/productive?
This is how…
Dedication –Highly focused women are committed to a cause and see to it that they are devoted to that cause till the end. These women know what they want and go for it, they give no room for distractions and don’t procrastinate. Afua Osei and Yasmin Bello-Osagie who are co-founders of SheLeadsAfrica show true dedication to this course; they believed in it so much that they returned to Nigeria to make this dream come true and also help other women discover their true potential.
Hardworking –many women want designers’ bags, shoes, all-expense paid holidays, and other good things of life; but don’t want to work for it. I guess God will throw it down from heaven like manna

& quail for them to catch. Girlfriend, you gotta work hard…. When I look at Betty Irabor, the owner of Genevieve Magazine, I often wonder how she does it. It is okay to have skills and connections, but the effort you put into any job or business will determine the result you get in the end. Hardwork pays…

Tenacious (Tenacity) – this means having a firm hold of something, not easily stopped or pulled apart. This habit is a core part of every successful person and is found in the core values of many companies. To successfully manage a business or do your job effectively, you need to have a tenacious spirit to be able to stand firm no matter what happens. As women, our emotions tend to get in the way and could make you lose focus; this is when to turn on your tenacity button. When I think of a tenacious woman, Ndidi Nwuneli comes to mind. She is the founder of LEAP Africa – a non-profit organisation that provides formal training for youths in Leadership Effectiveness Accountability & Professionalism (LEAP). She is also the founder of AACE Foods which she co-founded with her husband.
Consistency – there is no need starting anything if you know you will not be consistent. Consistency is the ingredient that brings success from the hard work you’ve put in; the ability to keep doing what you’re doing will propel you to great heights. Don’t stop after a week, month or year; focused women are consistent. Mo Abudu of EbonyLife TV started from Moments with Mo which used to air on AIT, but she didn’t stop there. She was consistent, then EbonyLive TV was born, and Moments with Mo is still part of the programs shown on that channel. She
Resilience – this is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties or adjust easily to change. Highly focused women understand that sometimes change is necessary for growth and sustainability in business. It is difficult to break a woman with a resilient spirit, too focused to be broken. Toke Makinwa is an example of a woman with a resilient spirit – 2015 brought both laughter and pain to her but she still remained focused. When the world expected her to be torn apart; broken down and probably shut down her V-log series, she didn’t. Instead she even became more active and continued; today she is one of the Moments with Mo presenters on EbonyLive TV. You may not like her but she is making her money doing what she is good at.
Good Money Managers – have you ever heard of SmartMoneyArese? Highly focused women are not irrational when it comes to money; they know how to make it and know how to make it work for them. They learn the tactics of using it, how to grow it and how to maximise it – they are smart with money and know how to handle it. Arese Ugwu is the founder of a personal finance blog (www.smartmoneyafrica.org) – its main objective is to help change the African narrative of poverty by educating her generation and the next via financial literacy content that breaks down the very complex issue of money. She is the Head of Wealth Management at Partnership Investment Plc. She sits on the boards of Partnership Securities Ltd (a subsidiary of the group), House of Tara International Ltd and The Nigeria Higher Education Foundation as a non-executive director and is an associate member of WIMBIZ (Women in Management Business & Public Service).
Desire to learn – Philosopher Alvin Toffler once wrote: “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” A highly focused woman understands the purpose of learning new skills and expanding your mind in order to meet the demands of your clients. Everyday technology brings new methods and processes of doing things so if you stick to status quo, you will never be as productive as people who learn, unlearn and relearn. An example of a woman who has the desire to learn is Mrs Ibukun Awosika; she is the founder and CEO of the Chair Centre Group.  She is the first female and youngest chairman of First bank Nigeria. She also chairs the House of Tara board and serves on several boards including Cadbury Nigeria and The Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority. While reading an article on http://smartmoneyafrica.org, Arese narrated how she had the opportunity to seat at a board meeting with Mrs Awosika when she was 27 years old.
According to Arese, “I ended my little speech by saying, I know I’m the youngest but I’m looking forward to learning from the wealth of experience in this room. Mrs. Awosika turned to me and said that I needed to leave my age at the door and own my position, to stop underestimating myself because I’ve earned my place at the table and would bring a perspective that others could learn from.”
If someone who seats at the board of so many big companies in Nigeria is willing to learn from a 27-year old, how much more you?
The 8th Habit (Power Dressing) – when you are focused, you cannot appear shabby or tattered; the way you dress and carry yourself goes a long way to say who you are without opening your mouth. When Jessica Pearson or Olivia Pope shows up, you know there is a focused woman ready to deliver. Your style is your signature- give it your best shot.

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  1. Anyi Achanga - January 25, 2016 at 10:34 pm

    Lovely insightful and empowering write up.. I live for things that empower and stir up our desire to be of impact to our world. . i've always found Mo Abudu, and Betty Irabo as women to look up to..and have a great admiration for Toke's. Resilience..now I am keen on knowing more about the other great women mentioned in your article..God Bless you for taking the time out to write this out..its high time our world be filled with things that empower. More grease.. *and oh..its mile first time here..look forward to more reads.* 🙂


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