5 Key Steps To Develop A Social Media Content Strategy

5 Key Steps To Develop A Social Media Content Strategy

Content is the heartbeat of social media marketing. It is a way of imparting information and entertaining your social media followers in return for their support and interest in what you do. Above all, it is the most consistent and proven method of building a brand. If you don’t have genuine/unique content to share, you’ll never be able to build an audience, earn traffic or maximize your social media Return on Investment (ROI).


So if you wondering why your social media posts don’t get much visibility & engagement as expected, it is possible you don’t have the right social media content strategy. Here are 5 key steps to develop a social media content strategy that will generate high ROI.


Know your audience – the first step to creating a strategy is to know who will consume your content and what type of content they yearn for.  Without this, you may just be spending time, effort and money dishing out content to the wrong audience. Knowing your audience helps you determine what social media channels and types of content are most appropriate for your business. So you need to ask yourself these questions – why does somebody follow me? Why do they like my brand? What type of content do my followers like more and engage with? With this step, you’ve made the right step in the right direction.


Develop a content calendar – Once you have established your audience, you should have a good idea of what content to plan for. I am a big believer in planning what happens in my daily life, same goes to my social media marketing. Developing a content calendar for every piece of work going to your social media platforms is a great idea that will turn your strategy into one that is completely integrated. Some ideas to include in your social media calendar include:

  • Monthly holidays (including weird / unofficial holidays) – search for holidays in the year and schedule social media posts to commemorate those special days.
  • Your company plans and events (birthdays, anniversaries, company trips, etc.)
  • Take note of big business events, conferences or networking events (especially those specific to your niche)


Create a social media content style – I struggled with this in the beginning before I realized there was something off with my social media posts. You may wonder why this is important – content style gives you a unique voice that successfully communicates to your target market/audience in a way that engenders the right engagement – usually a form of conversation between you and them and positions you as a professional in your niche. Your content on social media should have a defined style that integrates with your brand image.


Develop hashtags around your business niche – this helps your business to gain more visibility by people searching for your type of products and services. Many brands use hashtags to create social conversation threads and to coordinate social activities. Never underestimate the power of hashtags on social media; if you can establish a hashtag in customers’ social vocabulary, you’ll benefit in two key ways:

  • Posts you tag with the hashtag are more likely to be noticed
  • Other users who include the hashtags in their posts will help build the conversation without needing you to create all the content


Create a conversation plan for different social channels – this basically means writing in advance what you plan to talk about when publishing your posts. You need a conversation plan because there are different modes of interaction on different social media channels and you want to publish content that your followers can interact with.  For example, your conversation on Instagram may not be the same for Twitter or Facebook; Twitter allows only 140 characters which limit you, so you create a plan that gives you the right 140 words with a back-link at the end of your post. This way you continue the conversation by linking back to your website and keeping your followers engaged.


Content is very vital to your social media strategy; hence, it must be carefully constructed and executed to achieve your social media marketing goals which ultimately leads to professional success.

I hope these steps will help you.



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