5 Apps To Help You Get Organised in 2017

5 Apps To Help You Get Organised in 2017

I guess we all have organisational skills written under the skills section of our resume; but in the real world (where others can’t see), you have your wardrobe upside down and your socks and underwear littered all over your room. You probably forget to do 65% of the things you said you’ll do Yeah, I get it – you’re too busy to find time to get things organized but don’t worry; you can bring your organizing skills under control with these apps –


Ever since I got introduced to this guy, it’s been bliss. Evernote makes it incredibly easy to create and manage notes across devices. Besides taking notes, it also allows you to upload images, audio and videos besides. The app offers excellent formatting and organization features that make it one of the best apps for collecting notes.



This is another cool app specifically designed for iPhones and iPads that allows you to jot down tasks and set reminders quickly. But sometimes it can be a bit of a nag (loll, but in a good way) by giving you persistent reminders with auto snooze options; the auto snooze repeatedly notifies you of a pending task until you mark it as complete or reschedule it. Another excellent feature that sets it apart from other apps is the ability to send reminders to friends and colleagues – ain’t that cool?


It is a simple and colourful note-taking application for both Android and iOS devices. Google Keep allows users to create a collection of sticky notes to quickly note down what is on your mind and remind you later when required. You can also attach photos to your and can also record a voice memo that gets transcribed by Keep. One of the most interesting features of Google Keep is the ability to color code your notes what helps you organize them effectively. You can access your notes from anywhere as it syncs your notes across devices.

ANY.DO CAL (smart calendar)

Popularly known as the smart calendar; this app streamlines the process of planning and attending meetings, making life easier for busy professionals. It has awesome features that builds on the basic calendar app concept, but adds extra vibes to your events by extracting information from your contacts list, maps app and more. For example, you can add contacts from your phone’s address book when scheduling a meeting; this helps you send out invitations and reminders easily via text or email. Any.Do Cal can also access your phone’s GPS sensor; so you can input the location of a meeting or event and it will help you navigate your way with a single tap. In other words, the app. It also syncs with the original Any.Do app, which lets you create short- and long-term to-do lists.


Hhhmm…. I can’t explain how much I love siri; the only scheduling app that speaks in a language you will understand. This Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant is still one of the best ways to manage your schedule on the go. When you use Siri, adding a new event or appointment to your calendar is as easy as stating the details aloud (imagine how nice this is when you’re very tired and can’t type). Siri can also show you your calendar or tell you when your next appointment is — all you need is just ask. Siri isn’t exactly an app; the software is built into the iPhone operating system and is activated by pressing and holding the home button on the device.

Happy organised 2017…


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    WhaooooThanks gorgeous..Am sooo downloading the Google keep app…very interesting features.

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