How 15,000 Naira Changed My Life

How 15,000 Naira Changed My Life

Quite a hilarious topic right? I thought so too but I never envisaged that N15,000 will have such a great impact in my life.

Finding your feet at the beginning of every year and positioning yourself to achieve set goals can be pretty difficult sometimes. This was my ordeal as 2016 kicked off; I told myself I will do this and do that and also add that skill and….the list kept rising. I planned to take a course in February, at least that was how things were supposed to go since I was following the keys to achieving your 2016 goals. February passed by and the closest I came to achieving that goal was a phone call made for inquiries (don’t judge me)…lol, at least I tried. Fast forward, March came and I made a huge expense and ventured into a business. Hehehe, now I was feeling like a boss lady who has accomplished a milestone and ticked off one task from my list. This was my expression….



Two months later, Nigeria was hit by harsh economic problems; the value of Naira deteriorated drastically and the unexpected happened – fuel price was increased to a whooping N145. Ouch!!!  I didn’t see that coming, I knew starting a business could be tough but I didn’t consider the factors that could potentially affect it and how to combat these problems. I will discuss this in my next article, things you need to know before starting a business in Nigeria. Considering that my current business was dependent on critical factors beyond my control and I was losing more than I was making, I decided to hit the PAUSE button, re-strategize and think of plan B. I had always heard of turning your passion to profit but didn’t really know how to make a headway; I read books and listened to talk shows but still couldn’t get a hang of it until Laiza King and Ursula Sebastine organised the Writers for Profit workshop. It was scheduled to hold in September and would cost me N15,000. I had the option of enjoying the early bird discount and paying N10,000, but somehow I couldn’t make it as one of the first five people to register. What I haven’t told you is that Laiza is my friend who I had known since 2014; so why should I pay that much to attend a workshop organised by my friend? Should it not be free? Lol… I’m sure we all like free things.

You will never be moved to chase your dreams passionately until  your time, energy and resources are invested in it.

After I realized this, I made up my mind to attend the workshop; while on my way, my psycho-analysing ‘igbo girl’ mind kept whispering “this workshop better be worth it oh”. September 3rd marked a turning point in my life as a writer; investing that N15,000 in myself was the best money investment I made in 2016 because that day birthed many new ideas that has eventually transformed my passions to profit.

What is your dream/goal/passion?

What have you invested in yourself to bring them to reality?

You can still change the course of your life by investing in yourself, it may cost less than N15,000 or more but you need to find what it will take to build that dream and make sure you invest your time, energy and resources into it.

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