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FONDthat Pastries is your one-stop shop for yummy and delicious cakes, cupcake, muffins, chin-chin and other desserts; at affordable prices. Founded by the beautiful Amara .J. Ndukwe, a young and vibrant woman who pursued her childhood dreams of owning a bakery, even after a Masters Degree in Engineering Management from Coventry University. She speaks to Lynnille about her love for baking.

Growing up, my dream career was to own my own bakery. I made chin chin for home  use and baked my first cake at home in ’99 (in my junior high) with a sand oven, which came out amazing. My love for food grew rapidly and though it lingered on my mind, never explored until after my Masters degree. During this time I felt so much regret for not pursing this passion early enough 

by getting my BSc or Msc in the Culinary School. I guess we all know the saying that, “everything happens for a reason”. After my Msc, I immediately attended the Birmingham College of Hospitality and Tourism; and other PME courses in Nigeria.
As soon as my first son was about to turn 1, I baked my first commercial cake and ever since I have been back to my first love ‘baking’ with the support and love of my loving husband, mum,  Onle sister (Somy), brother (Chibuzo), my entire family; and some good friends. Baking to me is really exciting, every flavor, color, decoration and theme tells a story. It brings out the most creative & artistic part of me which is reflected in every cake I make. I’m challenged daily to improve my skills by critiquing myself, always wanting to learn more and improve on my next project.

Check out some of her beautifully designed cakes –

FONDthat pastries was registered in January 2013, located in PortHarcourt. The name was chosen to express the founder’s love for art & creativity. FONDthat Pastries produces the finest and freshly baked goods delivered less than 15hrs of baking. We deliver within Port-Harcourt, Owerri, Umuahia, and Aba.

You can place your order using the details below; also follow FONDthat pastries on Instagram to get the latest updates on delicious pastries. Don’t wait till there’s something to celebrate, make everyday count and buy something to munch from FONDthat pastries.

Contact details:
Blackberry PIN: 7A4F97C0
Instagram: @FONDthat
Twitter: @FONDthat

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