You have been created, crafted, designed and fashioned beautifully and wonderfully; with a unique characteristic and a special inner beauty that no other human possesses except you. God doesn’t make photocopies, so you’re the only YOU that exists on planet earth. However, on earth there’s a force greater than the force of gravity that has much effect on this inner beauty (no matter how we deny it) and it has  the ability to either pull you down or lift you up. It’s the power of LOVE.  When I was younger, a friend once told me that “when someone is in love, a fool is born”; I never understood it till I got older. It’s that force that connects you to another person in a way that you cannot even explain…most times words cannot express it cos it can only be expressed by your actions. When that force hits you… normal sense disappears (loll), little wonder they say love is blind. 

Listening to the song “see beneath your beautiful” by Labrinth and Emeli Sande, I realized that many of us have built a protective covering around our heart – like soldiers guarding a border; more like bullet proof walls just to protect our hearts from any bullet from the blokes or chics. This could have been caused by heart-breaks, broken trusts, divorce, etc and then we choose to shut down our emotions and focus on career, family, success, business, projects, travelling. Somehow deep down, we believe that this will help take away the hurt or pain and gradually you get your groove back and turn on the perfection in you. But behind these walls is a little girl/boy that longs to show that inner beauty to someone who will nurture it and help that beauty glow even more. 

It takes a lot to reveal your inner beauty to someone – trust, honesty, commitment, sacrifice etc so I really don’t blame people who have protective walls cos they would have gone through some pain and probably want to take their time before launching into the deep again. The inner beauty God has deposited in us is to be appreciated, loved, nurtured by someone who understands the beauty that lies within you. Someone who will come into that garden and take care of it till it blooms. Take for example, a successful young entrepreneur who opens his heart to a lady; lets her in and bares himself open, showing his vulnerabilities and letting that little boy come out. And after all these, the lady sees him as a money machine, dupes him and is gone with the wind after 8 months. What hurts more is he even introduced her to his mum. I read an article on a blog yesterday about a young entrepreneur and the comments I saw below the post was hilarious. All the ladies wanted to know was if he was single or not-praying to God to bless them with a rich man like this dude. Someone asked a question – If he was not listed on Forbes Magazine and was a small business owner somewhere in a small town, will they be so interested in whether he was single or not? 

There’s a lot to be exposed beneath the perfection that we put up on the outside but it takes real love, an undying love to love beneath the perfect. This is a funny example but I’ll use it – how many of us love to crack our chicken bone? Raise ya hands, don’t be shyyyyyy. It’s just something we love to do but when we wear that perfection, you even eat the chicken half when on dates. The same guy you went on a date with and forming not knowing how to eat chicken finally becomes your boyfriend and one day sees you struggling with chicken bone (the real you), he either decides he wants the all perfect fork & knife eating chic or the girl struggling with chicken bone.  Love is not about loving the perfect person, but loving the imperfect person perfectly – a heart that accepts you just the way you are and help you become a better person. We all want to be natural and simple with those we love; we want you to see the real vulnerable girl/boy but…. how many of us will stay when we finally see beneath the perfect??? It only takes true love to walk that mile, if you find someone with that heart….please let him or her see beneath your beautiful.

PS: Never let a broken heart take your chance for love away; there are still a few good men and good ladies out there. If grasses can grow out of concrete floors, love will find you anywhere you are…just believe.

PPS: Ladies, a man who wants to stay will never leave no matter how you push him away but a man who does not want to stay will never stay no matter what you do. So please, don’t lose your value chasing someone who has no interest to see beneath your beautiful. You’ll hurt yourself even more…

GUYS: Please beneath the make-up, Louis Vuitton bag, Christian Louboutin shoes, Peruvian hair, lace wig is a pretty little girl that wants to be loved for who she is without all these extras. When all the glamour is taken off, would you still look at her and tell her she’s beautiful? 

LADIES: Please men are not ATM machines, STOP making them feel they’re not good enough if they don’t make a certain number of zeros. Beneath those thick muscles, Salvatore Ferragamo wristwatch, Giorgio Armani suit, Kenneth Cole belt, clean cut shave, posrche ride is a pretty little boy that wants to be loved for who he is without all these extras. When all the ego is taken off, would you still look at him and be proud of who he is? Those extras may be there when the chase is on, but if he let’s you see his inner beauty and you finally say YES…please and pleaaaase love him as though these extras were not there. 

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