My people, how una dey??? So my PC at work decided to vex today (my colleague said I was too hot the system couldn’t cope)….Ok, I digress. I was almost getting to the final stage of the work I was handling and all of a sudden, my system just trips off without any sign. I quickly informed my team leader who got in touch with IT and they started sorting out the issue….guess what? I was the happiest employee of the day, why? Cos I was declared as non-productive due to system failure, meaning my daily target was automatically slashed more than 65%. Yippeeeee, no work from 2pm. JThat gave me the opportunity to play while the IT guys tried to get my system back on track. It was in this very moment I found The STYLIST magazine on my desk and I began to flip the pages. What I saw was too funny for me to share alone, hence the reason for this article.
It seems paying for higher education is a struggle no matter where you live (true), but a strip club in Windsor Ontario, Canada believes it has found a way to help female students with their fees. The owners of Leopard’s Lounge are offering to pay for any aspiring dancer’s tuition fees as long as they maintain a B+ average. Students who work at the club during term time can receive up to $1,700 for full or part-time classes at local colleges or the University of Windsor. Changes in Immigration laws have stripped the club of dancers so they’re hoping the education fees will encourage women to dance for diplomas. (As written in the magazine).
Mogbe!!! Infact I was in shock I had to consult Google to confirm for myself. At first I thought to myself, why send a young girl to study and not show her good morals. It’s like taking a pig from the mud and giving it a bath in the Jacuzzi…then few hours later you take the pig back to the pigsty. The study will improve her status in life as lady with a degree but being a stripper throughout the 4 years of study will definitely have an impact on her. I think it’s just wrong; after you study and want to apply for jobs….what exactly would you say if your interviewer happens to be one of your clients? What do you think?
  • Would u accept this offer or advise someone you know to accept this offer?
  • Can you be that desperate to accept this offer?
  • What is your opinion about this?

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