Ever been in a situation where you really want to do something, you know it is wrong; but still you want to do it cos it feels/looks/sounds good (our sensory perceptions can be deceptive). Your conscience strikes immediately and says “NO” but your greedy senses seize your brain and points you in the other direction reminding you of all the pleasures and goodies that will arise from doing that thing. Then you wonder, why can’t I just have it? The answer is because it is not the right thing to do. When you do the right thing, there’s this peace you feel within you.
Lumi works with Deji in same office, they became friends – sometimes like Tom and Jerry but other times like David and Jonathan. They were an item at work, helped each other with tasks when help was needed and often encouraged each other. Lumi was in a complicated relationship and Deji had a girlfriend; they both knew about this because they talked about everything and anything. One thing for sure is that somehow, the person who you spend most times with, talk to, laugh & play with often rubs off on you and gradually you become fond of the person. This was the case with Lumi and Deji but they didn’t realize this until the day Deji was to resign and move to another company. It was a sad day and sparked chords that they never thought existed. Considering the situation at hand; they both didn’t know what to do cos he had a girlfriend and hers was complicated. Now they’ve both tried to fight what is going on between them but the more they fight it, the harder it gets to stay apart. Lumi tries to stay away but Deji wouldn’t stop; they have mutual friends from work and keep bumping into each other. Lumi seeks for an escape route but Deji  is still persistent. Lumi comes to me and asks, “Lynda what do I do?
 I asked her a question; if you were Deji’s girlfriend how will feel? Would you be happy if the tables were turned upside down? 
On a lighter note, I really don’t blame Lumi cos sometimes you have no control over who your heart reacts to even when you try to stop it. But one thing I know for sure is that each one of us knows what is right and what is wrong. We just find it difficult doing the right thing. But as difficult as it seems, it is better to do the right thing and live in peace than to do wrong and have it hunt you for the rest of your life especially when you know it’s going to ruin someone’s life. When karma comes knocking, your conscience will remind you that you were warned. Some people say karma is not real… if it’s not, what about the bible verse that says “do unto others what you expect them to do to you”? Why will you date a married man/woman and expect that when you get married your husband/wife will not cheat on you? N to da O…Hell NO. 

This is not applicable in relationship alone but to life in general. In your job for example, when given a task to do; you do it haphazardly cos it’s not your company abi. 5 years down the line you prayed to God, He has answered your prayers and you started your own company. You employ people to work for you, what happens? Karma comes knocking and you wonder why the accountant is not calculating the budget correctly and your company constantly loses money. It’s just simple, be good in every area of your life-actions, speech, attitude towards people, etc . Be at peace with all men, keep your conscience clear and be sure you’re fine with God. That way, you won’t have to worry about karma. The more we evolve, the more our conscience evolves and the more we have to accept the burden of consequences of our actions when we go against our 
conscience. This is what being conscious is all about.

Does a guilty conscience nag at you, never letting you off the hook? When guilt starts to interfere with living, make peace with your conscience.  

 Have a great week sweeties….XX

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