WHAT IS LIFE??? Dana Air Plane Heading from Abuja to Lagos Crashes in Iju, Lagos

Yesterday a commercial airliner operated by DANA Air crashed in the Iju area of Lagos. The aircraft was arriving from Abuja on a local flight when it crashed into a powerline in the area and also hit buildings with people living in it. According to the report by Sahara Reporters, the plane had 153 passengers on board and  The NCAA also confirmed that there were no survivors on the plane. Such sad news. This tragic incident reminds me of 911 and the way the plane crashed into the twin towers. Now that was a hijacked plane but in this case this happened because of negligence on the part of the Dana officials as it was reported that this same flight had landing issues at Uyo. 

These passengers had dreams, visions, hope and all of that was cut short within split seconds.  They had loved ones who saw them off at the airport and the ones waiting for their arrival. A whole family was wiped out in that crash, this reminds me also about the Sosoliso and Bellview crash. We need to pray for Nigeria and the laid-back/nonchalant attitude of learning from their mistakes. If that aircraft was serviced or better still not allowed to fly till it was okay, maybe these lives would not have gone in vain.  After this incident and seeing the pictures of beautiful faces that were lost I asked myself a question. WHAT IS LIFE? Why should life be cut short without a hint ? Why should such terrible things happen? But guess what? The Bible has an answer to every question.

James 4:14 (KJV)[Whereas ye know not what ] shall be[ on the morrow. For what ] is[ your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.] 

Life is just like a vapour & vanishes within d twinkling of an eye; it happens in split seconds & you don’t get d opportunity to make decisions then. So while you can still breathe, make good use of your time spent on earth cos you never know when it vanishes. Decide to live for God, walk with Him every step of d way, give Him your all & hold nothing back cos it is by His grace & loving kindness that we can still breathe. If He kept you alive till today, it is for a purpose & only in Him can you discover that. If you haven’t given your life to Christ, pause now & open up your heart to Him. Invite Him to be your Lord & Saviour cos you never know what tomorrow holds. We only live once, live it rightly, live it to d fullest & d only way to do that is to let God take absolute control. In Him, you’ve got nothing to loose but everything to gain. 

These are some pictures of the sight and the picture of the family whose lives were lost.
                                                     The beautiful mum and her lovely kids :o(. See the family pix below

The family: Onyeka, Maimuna, Noah, Kamsiyona & Kaiyenotochi Anyene. RIP 
                             Innocent people died while in their homes…death can come anywhere. This is so sad :o(

There are more pictures but the sight of them is very devastating and I can’t upload them here. If you’re strong enough you can click HERE to view a complete gallery of 3 pages including the reactions of people who lost loved ones in the crash.

May d souls of the Dana Air passengers rest in peace.

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