Ladies….this is for you.
Sometime in February I was reading an article by a fellow blogger titled “Intelligence turns me on…I must be sapiosexual!” And I was like…WOW! Nice one, at least here is a lady who thinks about what a guy has upstairs. These days it seems like what’s upstairs doesn’t matter at all as long as he can make it up with what’s in the pockets. Hence my question…Ladies, what are you looking at? What DRIVES him or what he DRIVES?
While reading one of Fela Durotoye’s speeches to his wife Tara, he said something I will never forget – “Ladies, marry a man whose vision will put you on television”. In a lay man’s language this means that the material and flashy things you see around a guy should not be the basis for your decision to stay with him. So why would I want to be with someone who can only buy me a television but does not have a vision for his future? Where will that lead us to? Some ladies get so carried away while looking at what he drives that they forget to look at what drives him. Everybody has a driving force, the reason why we do the things we do and why we react the way we do. It’s not enough to look at what he drives, you have to find out what drives him. When a guy is driven by the right things, it will be evident in his character, the kind of things he says and how he says it, the type of words that make up his vocabulary; the way he responds to situations and challenges, the way he acts when things go wrong etc. These are little things that say so much about a person but when one is driven by the wrong things…it doesn’t end up well. Omawunmi will say, if you ask me, na who I go ask…the matter we dey so, e heavy for mouth”. Anyway, that’s not the koko…I digress.

My point is, girlfriend be sure you know what drives him before you fall for what he drives and land yourself in a life sentence. Wisdom is a defence, make good use of it. A man with a vision and purpose for life will help you grow in the right path; like a rose, you’ll bloom, flourish and glow. With focus on his vision, he’ll achieve greater success than a man without a vision and purpose, so don’t be deceived by what you see on the outside. Look deeper cos the things which are not seen have more impact than the ones you can see. Above all, pray for a man who is driven by his love for God. Believe it or not, no one can truly love another without understanding the love of God…unconditional love and that is what you need, Love against all odds.

                                                 SHINE YA EYES WELL WELL.

Sapiosexual (n): a person who is attracted to intelligence in others.

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