Tutorial for Amazing Styles with Box Braids

Hi dearies,

how’ve you guys been? It’s been a great week so far, taking a chill pill and enjoying life to the full. So I decided to braid my hair after a long exile on weaves; I took a bold step and gave it a try. It’s almost 3 years now; I can’t stand the pain and definitely can’t take the looooong time it takes to complete it. Not to mention, having about 3 people pulling your hair from all angles, but all of that could not stand in my way this time. I definitely needed a change from weaves; it was really nice to feel the cool wind on my scalp. Instead of the normal packing up or letting the braids fall, I decided to  be a lil bit creative with the way I styled it. Some of you have seen the pictures I posted on instagram, twitter and facebook and I am pleased to say the tutorial video  is finally here. Thanks to those who said they were interested in learning the styles cos I didn’t know I could put in this kinda hardwork couplde with my regular 9 – 5 job and other activities. This is my first ever YouTube video, I put it all together for you. I hope you like it and will subscribe to my channel cos I’m thinking of other creative things to do on the channel. Thanks also to all you beautiful people who follow LynnVille, thanks for the support, you guys keep me on my toes and when I remember you I always want to do better. My love for you made me complete this video (lol)…so tired and needed rest after work yesterday but I felt guilty cos I have been promising this video and still had not done it. 

PS: The video is not so clear cos I was so tired while filming it, apologies…the next will be better. Still a work in progress 🙂

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