The last time I bought tomatoes was errmmm…. I think, 30th April and since then I’ve resorted to “ofe akwu”, vegetable sauce or chicken curry sauce for my white rice. It came as a surprise that after using all my Igbo girl pricing skills, the “iya beji” at Oniru market did not even flinch or try calling me back when I walked away at the price she gave me. One tomato is now N100, and her last words were, “my pikin, if you see am another price for front abeg make you buy; una vote for change, so tomato don follow change”.
Just when I thought I could handle the tomato inflation, fuel subsidy was removed and PMS price increased by over 75% adding an extra N58.50 to the original price  #justlikethat. It didn’t hit me until when I paid twice the usual price to fill my car tank; I dey vex as I dey comot the extra money to pay. Jonathan (GEJ) must be sipping some Chardonnay or Hennessey in his living room and laughing at Nigerians right now, #weneverexperredit.
So when there is inflation, scarce electricity & no salary increase, how does one survive the harsh economic situation in Nigeria (especially Lagos State)?
  • Choose to remain happy – people are naturally angry in Naija; everybody has an issue bothering them from work to home, relationships, business etc. Choosing to be happy amidst chaos is not an easy task but it has a soothing relief when you do, you experience a calmness & peace within. Understand that no amount of squeezed face or frowning can change Nigeria’s current situation; so when issues arise, don’t get drowned in it because no problem lasts forever – there is always light at the end of every tunnel. Most importantly, laugh a lot… it helps to ease off stress (follow funny people/comedians on social media).


  • Spend Wisely & Save – This cannot be over-emphasized, it’s as simple as it is. Otedola saves and Dangote spends wisely; so please don’t waste the money you don’t have trying to look like you have it. For financial management tips, follow Arese Ugwu (the smart money lady) on social media and visit the website On a very serious note, try to have more than one source of income (unleash the Naija hustling spirit in you) so that no matter what happens, you’ll always have a plan B/C/D. But if you’re an O.B.O (omo baba olowo), please ignore but try save small, daddy/mummy won’t always be around.


  • Pray For Nigeria: Wait! Wait!! Wait!!! Please don’t murder me yet, hear me out first. I know we have been praying since we were infants and yet, things seem to get worse every day. You should also bear in mind that the problem Nigeria has faced in the past & present is enough to pull any country down but we are still standing. We have been through enough chaos that should have led to wars – the current brouhaha from Biafra protesters, Boko-Haram and now Fulani herdsmen; even Ebola came but could not stay because this is Nigeria – the country where things don’t work but sustained by prayers that works. At least it is more effective than whining, complaining, insulting Buhari & APC members or taking out your frustration on fellow Nigerians. When you pray for a nation, things happen in the spiritual realm and God’s favour causes you to flourish in that land even in the midst of famine (hope I’m not getting too spiritual for you… I’ve switched to Sis Lynda mode). lolll


No matter where I go, or how far I travel, Nigeria remains my home. You don’t run away from home when there is chaos; you brainstorm with your family members to solve the problem. So here’s my two cents to help anyone who is currently frustrated or going through stress due to this fuel increase and tomato scarcity; stay strong…. e go better.
Have beautiful week ahead.
Cheers, Lynn.


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  1. Deza - May 31, 2016 at 12:30 pm

    Thanks for sharing the thoughts Lynn, in addition, strife to make people around you happy.

  2. LynnVille - May 31, 2016 at 10:23 pm

    Thanks dear… especially for that last phrase "making others happy".


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