HEY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE…It’s been a while, apologies for going AWOL for 2 weeks without a word. I’ve been pretty busy, so so so busy you can’t imagine. Thank God for my life, I finally got to change my hair (after errmmm…3 months *covers face* #trueconfession) since December, unlike me but trust me to keep it looking fab at all times. People were still asking where I made the hair as though I made it just last week. 

OK…back to business.

We’ve all been given 24 hours in a day to spend, for how long we will continue to spend these daily hours…we do not know. Whether for 70 or 80 years we do not know. What we do with our 24 hours in every 365 days determines how the 70/80 years would eventually turn out. The difference from where you are today and where you want to be in the next 5 years is TIME. Are you using yours wisely or are you wasting it? Are you investing your time? How valuable is time to you? What are the things you spend more time on? Are those things taking you closer to where you want to be in the future or are they delaying you or maybe putting you on a spot? Time flies my dearest; clocks don’t stop ticking and time won’t wait. I remember when we were so excited about the new millennium; now it’s 13 years later and still counting. If you decide to do nothing with the time you have, it would not stop time from moving. Your age will continue to increase as the years run by; winter and summer will still come and go; everything that was supposed to happen will still happen except that YOU will still remain at one spot. Do something with your time, add something to your life, while time flies…fly with it; invest in yourself  and make the best of your 24 hours in each 365 days. My friend Niyi (Neeyee) Oladeji posted this short analogue below on his facebook page and it’s just in-sync with TIME so I decided to share it with you.

Consider a 30yr old lady without a University degree. Let’s assume she thought of being a PhD holder but felt that it was too late considering her age. Imagine if she decided to enroll for a University degree which would take an average of 3 years in UK and immediately afterwards she enrolled for an MSc programme which would take a year. Most likely, by the time she is 35yrs old, she would have been an MSc holder. 

If she chooses to go further immediately, she then enrols for a PhD which should take around 4 years. She would be a PhD holder by the time she is 40yrs. I know I have eliminated all other circumstances surrounding her decisions, such as, family, finances and other commitments but the fact is either she decides to develop herself or not she would have reached 40yrs anyway.

Moral: Time waits for no one. It continues at the same pace no matter what you choose to do with yours. Invest your time wisely to develop yourself intellectually because sooner than later your investments would differentiate you from other people. An investment does not have to do with Masters or PhD, it could be in certifications, learning a new language, expanding your spiritual capacity or learning a new skill. 

Have a lovely week ahead

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