I want to apologise for not wishing y’all a Happy Easter yesterday, even though I had you in mind all through. So I’m making up with an Easter Monday shout-out to my dearly beloved readers. I love you all.

So my weekend was veryyyyyy crazy and hectic. I was among the team that helped to organise a friend’s wedding and it is not an easy job o. I’m still recovering from caused by the work we did. Thumbs up to event planners, it takes a lot of effort to get everything intact but the joy comes when you see people happy with the outcome of the decorations. Prior to the wedding day, I already had in mind what to wear for cos I’ve been saving one gorgeous “Max and Cleo” dress a friend sent to me from the States. Unfortunately, US size 6 and UK size 6 are not same (US sizes are bigger) so I had to amend the dress before wearing it. I thought it was something that required simple stitches here & there but I was wrong. I was told by the seamstress that my dress will be ready next week (LLL). My mouth was open for about 5-secs cos I no get anoda cloth to wear, “Ope o”!!!; where do I start from to look for dress to wear. It’s really destabilizing when you had planned for something and in less than 24 hours everything changes without any contingency plans. I had to do something real quick and the only option was to find something else to wear. It wasn’t easy looking round a very big shopping mall and I was already giving up when I saw a shop I never noticed was in that mall and … whew, I finally got something to wear. Very simple, unlike the previous dress with different layers and corset but I tried to look my best, this is what the outcome looked like. You like?

I was wearing SELECT dress and accessories; NEWLOOK shoes and bag. 

Very simple but still managed to come out good. The floral design on the green dress was the attractive thing to me cos the dress was plain but with those designs you can spice it up with colours and simple accessories.

PS: Some of the pictures are dark, will have to reset my camera. Sorry peeps.


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