Living in Lagos has some craziness attached to it; one of such is the unrepentant traffic situation which all Lagosians have come to live with. But the craziest has got to be the many characters of lunatic drivers – you’ll see a drunk driver sleeping on the steering; some others try to do some “007” or “Fast & Furious” moves in a tight and narrow road. Omo… these people can drive you crazy that you’ll be wondering if you still have your sanity intact.

I have lost count of how many times I’ve been in a friend’s car and watch them swear at drivers; it’s usually funny watching the swear episodes cos the glass is wound up and the bus/keke driver can”t even hear you yelling at them. Once I was riding with a friend and she went bunkers over some crazy dude, I started laughing and told her that she really didn’t need to say all that. She was like ”abeg jor, you don’t understand, when you start driving you’ll see how these drivers can turn you into a crazy person”. I just laughed not knowing that my day was closer than I expected.

Na so my own day come reach; I learnt that you never really know why people react in certain ways until you face the same situation. I was on my way to a work meeting on a Saturday, jeje-ly feeling the beats from Rocktown music with Frank Edwards. So I got to this point where I had to turn left at a T-junction, I slowed down for the other cars to pass before hitting the accelerator. Just like a flash, some crazy dude overtook the guy in-front of him and was headed towards me. At first I thought he’ll slow down when he sees me but ‘e be like say’ my guy increased his speed & nearly rammed into me. I hit the brake

immediately (which driver doesn’t know that you need to slow down at T-zones?). Na God save me that day cos if there was someone siting in front, the person’s head would have hit the windscreen cos everything I kept on the front seat flew off including me but thanks to seat belt. And that moment… the CRAZY NAIJA GIRL in me was unleashed….  I huffed & puffed and literally threw all the swear words that came into my head. What da hell??? Was this guy on a suicide mission or what? And right there, my friend’s words came back to me. I heaved a sigh of relief and went about my business for the day. 

When I think about that day, I now understand what goes on with all the negative vibes and swear words flying up and down the road, especially in traffic. I also had to drum it into my skull yet again that not everybody woke up on the right side of the bed like I did. The guy may have had an emergency or wife in labour (still doesn’t justify the 007 moves) or it may just be a struggling father working two jobs to meet family needs and probably sleep less than 3 hours a day. My point is, you never know what to expect when driving so you have to watch out for yourself and pay attention to the next car, most importantly the car beside you and the one in front.

Try not to loose your cool sha, its part of the Naija life. Cheers to a great weekend ahead.


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