If you did not dance to “take some time to bubble and shuffle, after-all it’s hustle and bustle” by the 1980s pop-star Alex O; if you did not recite the multiplication table at the back of your 2A exercise book or use a brown note book, then you may not understand the angle I’m coming from. The computer generation is the generation where everything is done with technology; the generation where blackberry and apple are not known as fruits but smart devices – the social media generation. Back in the days things were not as complicated as they are today; Mama Obi and Papa Obi can fight over money for soup and settle afterwards without any gossip blog carrying the story and twisting it around. These days a simple argument between husband and wife has become topic for others to judge and give their opinions because the computer generation and quick access to information means that some tatafo neighbour somewhere will get their story and feed it to bloggers to build their content….
Three months down the line the couple who would have naturally settled their differences without much hassle will get divorced due to irreconcilable differences because others have so encroached into their business –  you all know how it ends when there is a third party involved.

Technology advanced in order to help improve communication with friends and family all over the world; to help businesses build their clientele via social media; to help PR with publicity, to create a platform where good information is easily passed across to people; the growth in technology was generally to make things a lot easier. But it seems the more technology advances, the worse the computer generation gets. Why is it that the new marriages do not last longer? Why is it that more evil and wrong is done with the advance of technology? You find out that most times we are the ones shooting ourselves in the foot without even realising it. Some of the stories I read on LIB sound so stupid and funny to be true, asking LIB readers what you should do to save your marriage, REALLY? Chic/Dude, you’re already in a bad situation, hurt, frustrated and depressed and you bring your dirty laundry to a blog to seek for advice, are you really seeking for advice or waiting for the comments to kill you softly? You tweet about your daily life and activities on twitter; rant about every Tom, Dick and Harry that pisses you off; talk about how sweet last night was with your boyfriend; how you got wasted and couldn’t remember the things you did etc and when your story goes round the world you start crying that people

are saying bad things about you…HELLO!!!  Please wake up to reality. Since you decided to wash your dirty linens outside, you might as well allow the public to check if you washed it clean or not. When will people learn??? Why do we deceive ourselves sometimes? 60% of most relationship issues can be averted if they are not open for public discussion and the need to keep up social appearances via social media.

People get so attached to social media and let it control their attitude and reactions to real life. Nothing seems to be given deep thoughts anymore; the easy way out is to use social media to err your views instead of settling issues like adults. The insatiable quest for more twitter and Instagram followers as though the number of followers you have puts money in your bank account. The “kfb (kindly follow back) comments on one instagram picture is more than those actually commenting on the picture “haba”. Young people will do anything and everything to get followers on social media and will do even worse to be the topic of discussion all in the name of gaining popularity. Social Media wahala….

No doubt, the advance in technology has made a great impact in the world today; medical equipment have improved, means of communication is even better (no more long hours in cyber cafes); no more buying/renting DVDs thanks to irokoTV and DSTV’s African Magic; long shopping hours reduced, thanks to and other online retail shops; we can now scroll through our phones in the comfort of our home for ashoebi styles on instead of waiting for the latest edition of Ovation Magazine; job applications are easier, no more walking round the streets of Lagos with your brown file because the likes of, naija hot jobs etc have made job search easier; even the akara seller on the road can grow her business through social media on twitter, facebook and instagram; without social media a struggling widow would not have received a whooping N2,000,000 and a job offer in one day; the continuous blogging of the ALUU-4 on Linda Ikeji Blog helped to bring the culprits to justice; you can read books on your phone with the okadabooks app, thanks to Okechukwu Ofili (Ofilispeaks); you can learn how to write and get critics to improve your writing in an online community called Naija Stories, thanks to Myne Whitman; you can watch your Chelsea vs. Manchester match on your phone while in the 2-3 hours Lagos traffic; gone are the days when I had to raise the radio antenna and tune endlessly to get a clear frequency to 97.9FM, I can now enjoy all that on my phone; we can do virtually everything on a smart phone, and many more good stuff attributed to technology.

It is often said that everything with an advantage has a disadvantage; but I’ll add not if we choose to embrace the advantage over the disadvantage. Biko, e’ jo, da Allah… my naija people go easy on yourself with social media. 95% of comments on blogs are people fighting and abusing each other instead of commenting on the article posted. Don’t let it become the focal point of your life; don’t cry if you don’t have up to 1000 followers on twitter/Instagram; give it less attention especially in relation to personal issues of the heart. Use technology and social media wisely; it can only be to you what you choose – an advantage or disadvantage; to destroy or to build.  

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