When vacations come to mind, my choice destination revolves outside Nigeria. This is the disposition of over 70% of Nigerians; a typical Nigerian will rather book a ticket to Hawaii or Seychelles than take a road trip to Akure or a flight to Obudu Cattle Ranch in Calabar. In the past 3 weeks, I did over 10 road trips visiting places I would never have gone to on my own. It was an awesome experience even though the trip wasn’t entirely personal ‘’official’’. I had the opportunity to visit the South-West and South-South regions of Nigeria. The beauty of nature (rocks, hills, mountains) coupled with the rich culture of these regions; I was more impressed with the cuisines that satisfied the cravings of my stomach. Only the sight of the food was enough to conquer any form of hunger; the fresh green vegetable mixed with well-spiced meat/fish was just the right dosage of nourishment anyone could ask for. My journey was more of road trips with ups and downs (9ja road) and few air trips; while travelling from one city to another by road, you will think it was my first time in Nigeria with the way I quickly scoop my phone from my bag to take photos. Some of my colleagues thought I was crazy for wanting to capture every moment.


The trip had its up’s and down’s but that’s why we pride ourselves as Nigerians. The trip ended so fast (as the saying goes nothing good lasts forever) as the end of the day I came to a conclusion that, there is indeed BEAUTY IN NIGERIA but we don’t see it and even when we do, we rarely appreciate it because we have seen too many ugly sides of Nigeria, that the beauty eludes us.
These are some of the beautiful places I saw during my trip to Ibadan, Akure (lovely rocks), Ore, Ido-Ekiti, Eket, Uyo, Calabar.
So when next you have a vacation, think of spending it in Nigeria.

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