Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and grow your wings on the way. 

I follow some amazing people on Instagram and this week, some of them have inspired me to push myself harder than I ever did. The most inspiring was Tiarra Monet who quit her lucrative accounting job to start her own business in something she was really passionate about and today her passion has become her job. I thought to myself, what keeps people in the same spot for years knowing that they can do something to get to a better place? It’s simply UNCERTAINTY… fear of the unknown. If God had given us a script on how our life will be in the future, we would not be motivated to bring out the best in us so he gives us a hint and stands by the corner watching us to see how much we can trust him.We all have i treasures in us waiting to be unleashed; but not all of us have realized this yet. There is this fear of what happens if it doesn’t work out? What if I don’t make it till the end? What if things don’t work out as planned/ What if I don’t have enough capital? We worry about so many things; leave the “what-ifs” to God and just START already. 

The proof of desire is pursuit. Therefore, when you desire to achieve something, you pursue it until you get it . Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from spreading your wings and flying; life can try to screw things up but no matter what happens, just keep dancing to the melody of HOPE cos Christ in you is the hope of glory (the hope of achieving your dreams – Colossians 1:27). However the road may look, whatever obstacles that will stand in yourway…decide to take a leap of faith. Create a picture of what you want to achieve, focus your gaze on it, put your faith in God and just spread your wings and fly. The most important step is to take that leap without excuses…if you don’t, you’ll never know how far you would have gone. For some time now, I had been praying about something and I recently spoke to a friend who made me realize that what I’ve been praying for all along was right inside me. All I just needed was to take a step and God used him to  open my eyes to see the potentials in me. You too can do the same.  

Are you worried about a business plan? Thinking of how to start? Wondering if you will make it despite competitors? You may not know tomorrow but the one who knows tomorrow lives in you and He is saying…Trust me, I gat this. I just need you to take a leap of faith and I’ll act. 

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