Success, a common word we hear everyday. A word that stirs and scares people, some are stirred up by the thought of being successful while others are scared of success because of the challenges and tough decisions involved. Some parents have even named their kids ‘Success’ so that the child can be successful in future (can’t say if it works or not) and some people have success stickers on their cars, doors, and other places with the belief that it guarantees success (not so sure about this too but it depends on how strong your faith is in what you believe in).  Everybody wants to succeed in life but how you reach that goal depends on what success means to you. What really is SUCCESS? There are different definitions and explanations of what success is. But I’ve come to realize that success means different things to different people and this also forms the basis of their drive towards achieving success. I conducted a research and I got a few details about what different people think about success.
Okechukwu Ofili (Motivational speaker, success coach and author) says… Success is doing what you love and making a living out of it. That is success to me. What drives me is the fact that many people are not tapping into their hidden potentials. And my goal is to help them realize their hidden talent either via my words or speaking. Also I am driven to help make the world a better place. I feel that too many people are too focused on getting to heaven, so much so they forget that for some people earth is like hell. My goal is to help (to the best of my ability) alleviate the sufferings of the environment around me.
Myne Whitman (author and founder of the Naija Stories community for Nigerian writers) says… my definition of success is contentment. It means being able to make a business of what you love doing and being happy doing it. It is equally important that you can touch other lives and positively affect the dreams of those coming after you. One thing I have learned in the time since my first book is that, it is essential to be able to balance work and life, and keep your feet on the ground even after success comes.
Bisi Onasanya (CEO/GMB First Bank Nigeria) says…Success is not getting a good job or the promotion but majorly what you do with the opportunity given to you.
Samuel Ekundayo a.k.a Le dynamique professeur (Motivational speaker & life coach) says… Success to me in simple terms means fulfillment. It is not a destination but a journey. It is not an attainment but a consistent effort all through a man’s life. It is not limited to an event; it is a life-style. As such, only those with a sense of purpose can be successful, because they are the only ones who know what fulfillment means.
From my research, I found something they all had in common which is affecting other people positively. As individuals, we have different goals and dreams. Achieving these goals becomes the driving force for success but when we have achieved all these things without affecting one person positively, then the success is incomplete. This goes to show that success is not just about yourself but about making the world a better place while enjoying life. Unfortunately, many people have defined success as having wealth and fame; some think it’s about acquiring luxury and letting people know you have arrived. Success goes beyond money and material acquisitions; it is not just about what you can do for yourself alone but what you can do to make the world a better place. We should think of leaving a mark on the face of the earth as a result of our accomplishments, making use of opportunities to cause positive impact in the lives of other people. To succeed you need to have a bigger picture, you should have a farther view of life and think globally not locally. Have a mindset that envisions greatness, a heart that can reach out to others and a goal to remain focused on the things that matter.
You need to understand what it really means and know how to get there. There must be a personal conviction that motivates you to do the things you do. If you dream about success and do not have a drive or a force that compels you to move towards achieving it, then you need to redefine what success really means to you.
Success is a process, it will take you through different stages in life; from one level to another and slowly you’ll climb to the peak. Don’t be scared of the challenges you’ll face in the process instead let it motivate you to do greater things. Always believe you can do it. Nina Ijere, (business success coach & International speaker) says… Believing in yourself is a vital ingredient in the pursuit of good success. Don’t wait for anyone to do it for you, do yourself a favor and start today to believe in yourself cos the only thing that can limit you is yourself. Follow these steps on HOW TO LIVE A SUCCESSFUL LIFE
Finally, you are not successful until you have added value to someone’s life.
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