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Hi dearies, Welcome to NOVEMBER… this year was a very fast one. I recently saw a post on Instagram that said “Build your dreams or someone will employ you to build theirs”. This inspired me, more like a wake-up call that I can achieve my dreams come what may. The fact that November is here already does not mean you cannot achieve that dream you intended to achieve in 2012, keep PUSHING until something happens. Remember, Joseph’s miracle happened in 24 hours; even though the kinda miracle you desire has never happened before, you’ll be the first to receive it. Sure you screamed a loud AMEN!!
So today I’ll be talking about hair… “The lady and her looks”. I believe in natural beauty and totally love the fact that some ladies prefer to rock the Afro look. However, I am also of the opinion that the charisma of a lady is not complete without a good hair on your head whether long or short. But whichever you choose, take proper care of it in a way that you dazzle every time you step out. Martin Luther King said “The hair is the richest ornament of women”; I can’t help but concur with this. A lady may wear Christian Louboutin pumps, Karen Millen dress, Michael Korrs wristwatch and Prada bag but this perfect combination of expensive designers will not be noticed with a shabby hair. There’s more to your hair than meets the eye, it’s just like ironing your clothes before wearing them so you don’t appear scruffy. Same way, you give your hair the perfect style before stepping out of the house. No doubt, there are some “bad hair” days (I’ve had that too) but there’s always a way to curtail it.
Part of my hair rant today is also to give you a lil’ hint as to how you can D.I.Y when it comes to getting the perfect hair style you want. If you’re like me (tired of going to the salon and not getting value for money spent) then you’ll be glad to learn a few tips on how I get my hair done. I actually fix most of my extensions myself by just sewing directly into tracks woven on my head, but I recently found an easier way to do that. Unfortunately work won’t give me a time to do a Vlog (video blog) on this but will find a way pretty soon. Many times when I post pictures on Instagram, Facebook or my dp on Whatsapp, I get questions about my hair. Most of which are: how did you get your curls? What hair did you use and what length? What do you use in styling the hair? What hair products do you use? All of that will be answered here. I recently posted a pix on facebook and I got an inbox specifically about my hair…it made me smile. I’ll post different pictures of my hair styles – extensions, braids and my natural hair. Whichever style you choose, be sure to bring out the best in order to add some sparkle to your total outlook. 
Hair Tutorial – How I got my L-Shaped Weave.
It’s really easy with less stress, I sat on my bed while fixing this weave.

                      How you can style your hair to achieve great curls 
To achieve any of these looks, you’ll need bendy rollers or a tonging iron.  I start with combing out the hair, then spray TRESEMME heat protector on the hair (this is to protect your hair from damage caused by the heat). Then roll my hair with Babyliss Pro  hair tong and brush out the curls to get the volumes needed. When using bendy rollers, I apply styling mousse before rolling the hair. This helps to keep the curls in place for a very long time, usually till the end of the day. After brushing out your hair, use a small brush to apply edge control to hold in the edges of your hair just like the third pix. When the edges of your hair are not neatly held, it looks rough. 

                                                          ROCKING BRAIDS
Yeah…I braid my hair too but once in a while cos I can’t sit down for long hours let alone bear the pains from the braids. So this is how I style my braids. Don’t always pack up your braids, experiment a little, try something different with the styling. I wasn’t particularly happy that I had braids on when my friend’s birthday dinner came up. I prefer to have weaves for a dinner party but it was short notice and I had no option so I had to improvise. I think I like the way it came out, no one knew it was braids till they came closer….create your own style no matter the circumstances.

                              STRAIGHT HAIR AND NATURAL LOOKS 
OK…very few people have actually seen me on my natural hair. WHY? This is because it makes me look way younger than my age. Considering my “cute n petite” stature (I have grown bigger oh), I could pass for a 16 year old and it gets really embarrassing when I’m asked to prove I’m older than 18 (no mind oyinbo people, dem no dey fear face). So, I hardly carry my hair but once in a while I let fresh air flow into my scalp…very refreshing JFrom these two pictures, I look really older with the straight hair and younger with my natural hair, even my pouting didn’t help.
I hope this post was helpful to you. So, long, short, braids or natural, straight or wavy, any one you choose, give that hair a great style. Have  fabulous weekend…XX.
PS: The cap to sew the extensions on is called DOME CAP, sold in any hair shop.

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