Did I hear someone say I want to be the best? Did he/she just say I want to make it to the top? Ok, this article is exactly what you need. It’s funny how sometimes during an examination you hear someone say things like “I don’t need an A, I just wish I can get a B or C”. I always tell such people that if you aim for a C, you’ll limit yourself to studying towards a C and then after the exam, you may even get a D. But if you aim for an A, you’ll push yourself  outside your comfort zone, beyond every limitation and work hard to get an A and you’ll be amazed at the score you get. Maybe you aimed for a score of 75 or 80 but because you were determined to be an A-student, you accomplished more than you expected and instead of 75 or 80, you actually got 96. Some people have accepted to be average but i know you…yes you reading this right now; I know you want an “A” not just in your academics or job but also in every aspect of your life. Aim high, strive for excellence and give your best shot to everything that comes your way. Here are some strategies for achieving excellence:

  1. 1.   THINK BIG. Dream it, see it and pursue it.
  2. Set goals and targets
  3. Make a to-do-list and follow it strictly so you don’t forget anything
  4. Set your priorities right and know which is most and least important (first things first)
  5. NEVER procrastinate (you may eventually not do that thing)
  6. No excuses – Be determined and focused
  7. Have the i-can-do-it mentality cos you can do anything if you’re determined
  8. Don’t accept defeat…it’s ok to fail but dust yourself up and try again
  9. Do something: don’t just sit and wait for things to happen cos nothing will move until you move. Newton’s Law of Motion states that every object in a state of rest remains in that position until an external force is applied to it. So what are you waiting for?
  10. Be diligent in all things: work as though you own the company; don’t work with eye service instead give it your best shot and watch yourself grow faster than you think. Diligence is a spring board to greater heights cos if you are faithful in little…more will be committed into your hands. Proverbs 22:29 – Seest thou a man diligent in his work, he shall stand before kings.
  11. Dare to be different: In everything and everyway don’t try to fit into the crowd cos you were made to stand out. Don’t settle for the status quo…there’s a higher level.
  12. Relax: Whatever you do, no matter how busy you get or how time-consuming your job is, find time to rest and relax your body. You’ll need to stay fit and healthy to do the job.
  13. Measure your progress with time: this is very important because you need to know how far you have gone and what things you have accomplished so far. If you don’t measure your progress, it means you don’t expect to grow.
  14. Write down all your plans and place it before God cos you need him to achieve every form of excellence. Infact, He is the definition of excellence.
I hope these strategies will help you focus on the path of excellence.

Believe it
Dream it
See it & you can have it 

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