It was that time of the night, cozy and chilly, snuggling up in my bed. I had taken the perfect position, curled up just like a baby under the warm duvet and ready to drift off to the fantasy world. Oops…I forgot to turn off the light; aarrgghh. I just wished I had a bedside switch or the string you pull to turn the light on and off. I couldn’t even imagine getting up from that comfortable position. No way…”I said to myself”. I closed my eyes and shut them very tight hoping that soon I will be fast asleep and not even notice that the light was on. It didn’t help cos I continued tossing and turning; waking up at intervals until I grudgingly stood up from the bed and turned the light off. After that, I didn’t even realise how I slept off till the next morning. 

There’s something about getting too comfortable with a particular position or place. You enjoy it so much that you don’t want to leave; you’re so engrossed and buried so deep that you don’t feel there is a need to go elsewhere. This position is your comfort zone, a place or situation where you feel at ease and without stress. In this position, you don’t want to stress yourself (just as I didn’t want to get up from the bed), you just want to remain in that place where you don’t have to handle more responsibilities. Do you know what your comfort zone does to you? It kills your zeal to aim high, it makes you reluctant to do anything other than what you are already used to, it takes away your motivating factor and driving force. Some people find themselves in this position because they are scared of what will happen on the other side; but you will never know what will happen till you step out of that comfort zone. 

There are some people who have vowed in their heart that they have reached their final destination and will not go more than where they are today. God wishes above all things that you prosper….and His prosperity is not a stagnant one; its an upward and forward life. So why do you want to put a limit to how far you want to go? He doesn’t want you to stay in one position for a long time.

Deuteronomy 2:3 – ye have encompassed this mountain long enough; turn ye northwards

Have you not stayed there long enough? Are you not tired of being in that position? Have you gotten too comfortable and relaxed that you’ve forgotten you’re a moving train? It’s time to move forward. Challenge yourself, think outside the box, do something you’ve never done before.   I’m also speaking to myself cos I’m supposed to take a professional course but I’ve been  moving the start date. If you have a desire to get to a particular place in life, keep pursuing it irrespective of what today may look like. Just keep pushing your way through, don’t be discouraged by the fear of uncertainty or failure. Just keep moving forward cos greater things await you outside your comfort zone. All you have to do is STEP OUT and embrace greatness. 

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