“Every child is your child”…

These words resounded in my ears for about 10 minutes after the first time I heard it in 2006. I love kids, no doubt but that was all I knew…just carry them, stop them from crying, help change their diapers, help babysit them when their parents are away, feed them, rock them to sleep, play with them. That was all I ever did for children but after I heard those words, I had a desire in me to do more. My passion for children grew so strong but I was still young and didn’t have the capacity to do anything beyond the normal things I did. So…

My birthday is a day I really do not celebrate; sometimes I forget cos it has always fallen on a work day and I’ll probably spend the day in the office and then get back home tired and finally sleep off. My friends wonder why I never celebrate my birthday… It’s not like I’m not thankful for another year but I just never felt the urge to throw a party and have friends come to wine & dine. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll definitely love to do that one day (in a very fab way) but being LynnVille, I wanted something that will not only celebrate me but will celebrate others; something to render service to humanity or to show an act of love. 

I had always desired to visit an orphanage and what better day to choose than my birthday. Alas…I finally decide to celebrate my 27th birthday which fortunately fell on a Saturday. This was an opportunity to fulfil this desire I had nursed for a long time… I decided to celebrate my birthday with the children at Winnie’s Orphanage. When I got there, I really didn’t know what to do or say as the children all came out to welcome me. It was such an emotional moment for me because it was my first time at an orphanage. They sang birthday songs for me; there was also a “God bless Aunty” song….I sang along and clapped with them. Basically, they were full of joy & excitement as we cut the birthday cake together. I can confidently tell you that this is the best birthday I have ever celebrated; it is more fulfilling to show an act of love on my birthday and I’ll love to do this over and over again with the grace of God. 

I got them provisions (food items) and a cash token. I didn’t have enough time to get clothings but hope to do much more next time I visit.

I know there are lots of people who have the desire to render selfless service or an act of love but never do it because they’re waiting for when they have all the money in the world. You need to understand that it is not about how much you give or what you give but the heart of giving. The motive behind your giving is what matters, God sees your heart and knows that if you had more you will definitely do more. But you first have to start with what you have; go with a heart of love and God will increase you to be able to do more.

Thank you all for your birthday messages; I truly appreciate them and love you guys so much.

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