NO! It’s just a curtain, I said to myself. I knew I was wide awake but I was seeing something different. I blinked twice and looked again, could it be my eyes or the curtain? The yellow thread was  embroidered into beautiful flower designs but somehow in-between the lines, I saw a lady smiling with eyes closed. It was as though she was waiting to give me a good morning smile. If I was given a painting brush and a board, I would have replicated an image that will portray the beauty of a woman; the closed eyes felt like I could unveil what she felt deep within her soul. Waking up to such a beautiful sight just made me smile and immediately I beckoned my friend to see the image but what I got from her was very funny. She started with, “are you OK?” (shuo, I kon luk myself well and I still dey kampe). Again she said, “maybe I should check your temperature cos these are flower designs on a curtain” (now I was beginning to think I had lost a nut somewhere). I decided to take her to the particular spot where one of the threads had loosened a bit and curved to form an eye which made the image look so real and still she said she didn’t see anything; in fact she updated her bbm status to say that her friend has gone crazy. But the truth remains that I know what I saw and it was so real. It’s the same thing that happens when you look at the clouds and see them form the shape of a horse or hand and you show someone but they think it’s just a cloud even though you had seen the shape. The same thing happens in life.

There comes a time when you see a bright light where people only see darkness. It could be a business idea that you think will blossom into a big company in future; maybe a talent or gift that you think can take you to greater heights. Whatever plans or idea you have, not everybody will see the same thing with you and not everyone will support you. Some people may even try to discourage you or kill the idea but it should never make you waver or doubt the reality of that thing coming to pass. Inside your little closet where those ideas were nurtured, talk to God he is the one who planted those ideas as seeds in your heart and if you are willing he will direct you on what to do and how to get there. He will lead you to the right people, he will position you on the path where you need to meet the people that will lead you to that destination.
Psalm 16 vs 11: Thou wilt shew me the path of light.
Dare to see the unseen. It doesn’t matter that others couldn’t see what you saw; God sees it and he will work with you to make it a reality. 

Check out these pictures, what can you see?

Have a beautiful day sweeties.

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