SAPHANI is an accessories store based in London, started by 2 sisters, Chenai and Samantha. They came up with the idea of making our own earrings initially, because of the lack of unique, conversation starting accessories. Nothing in the high street shops was particularly inspiring or exciting, not to mention big. We love big, loud, noticeable things so we decided to try our hand at making our own stuff. 
The name Saphani was inspired by the bible verse Isaiah 45:3 which reads “I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places…” Saphani is the Hebrew translation of “hidden treasures” so we took our name from there. Our items are unique, undiscovered pieces hence the idea of them being “hidden.”
Our desire is to create design and handmake jewellery for those who like to stand out, but we also want to provide an expanding range of accessories sourced independently in the near future.
SAPHANI at the Fashion Mist Show in London
Lovely SAPHANI accessories on display
She’s wearing saphani earings


To see more of Saphani Accessories products, please visit and our website:

You can also shop for Saphani Acessories in asos market

I get so inspired when i see young people doing great things an these two sisters have inspired me. There’s always something you can do; just find a need and strategise on how to meet it. Indeed we don’t really find most of these bold and beautiful African prints accessories here in London and now Chenai and Samantha has made them available. I’ll be posting my pix soon with a Saphani Accessory, get yours now.


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