HAPPY SUNDAY peeps, how was service? Mine was awesome, as in…twas something else. I’ll call it a romance of righteousness, a rendezvous with The Father, The Son and The Holy-ghost. Explaining it in details will mean typing non-stop on my laptop for a whole week, it was a glorious experience. Pls forsake not the assembly of the brethren and don’t get too busy for God. We spend 168 hours in a week and it would not be too much to spend 2-3 hours with God and experience getting high with the most high. I know I’ve spoken too much but pls pardon me, I get carried away when it comes to my relationship with God, our love and romance is beyond human comprehension. So this is what I wore to church today, sorry it came a bit later than I had promised…hope you like it.


Chiffon shirt: NewLook
Pants: NewLook
Turban scarf: Zara
Sandals: Fusion
Neck piece: Dorothy Perkins
Ear-ring: Dorothy Perkins
Bangle: NewLook
Ring: NewLook

So what do you think? Have a beautiful week ahead.

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