Hhhmmm…very sensitive topic to discuss huh? Well, if you live in a western country; you’ll probably be used to this by now. It is common and openly displayed in the train stations, at the pub, park, shopping malls, airports, the streets etc. Sometime last year, a couple in the train were told to get a room cos they were acting like people who took an aphrodisiac; that’s how bad it is in London. So Justin Timberlake and his girlfriend Jessica Biel couldn’t get enough of each other at a basket ball game yesterday; still wonder why people can’t wait to get some privacy before unleashing themselves for the whole world to watch a full TV show for free.
So it got me thinking…Why is PDA necessary? I kinda narrowed it down to one point – when in crazy, stupid, love; there’s this urge to show off express it without a care in the world about what people say or think. It can be in the way you hug the person for long, maybe the 8 mins kiss at the airport just to say ‘welcome back, I missed you’. It could also be verbally about how much you talk of that person; you can hardly make a complete statement without mentioning the name, or maybe its’ how you giggle/smile each time his/her name is said. But with all these PDAs, I noticed that it is so easy for us to display so much love and affection for our loved ones and yet forget the one who loved us enough to give us a beautiful life to be able to love others. We don’t even remember that He deserves to be loved.
How often do you display your love for God? How often do you talk about Him? Are you even proud of Him? Are you ashamed to identify with Him in public? Do you hide your bible from your buddies when you’re going to church? Do you get excited when His name is mentioned? Do you think your friends will say you’re no longer “cool” if you displayed your affection for God publicly? Imagine how much He loved you that His public display of affection for you went as far as dying just to prove it. Think about it…can you die for your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend? Can he/she go that length for you? But yet when we have any pressing need or in deep trouble, He’s the one we always run to for help. How would your partner feel if you only said “I love you” with your lips and never show it? How do you think they will respond to you when you are ashamed of them in public? If it were you, would you still continue with that relationship?
Don’t be the one who loves with your lips and not your actions. Learn to display that love and affection publicly, tell someone about Him today; let people get jealous about this divine romance. Display your love for God with so much affection that people around you will wonder in amazement and want to meet this man you’ve been talking about, let that love be seen cos His love for you is the greatest love of all. This is the most important affection to be displayed cos without it, there wouldn’t be any breath to display any other type of affection.

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